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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Erina Mano: "Hanbun Esper" drama episode seven recap and screenshots

 Drama recaps certainly pale in views compared to most Idol posts, especially the ones for Nogi. However I really enjoy watching dramas or at least ones that are enjoyable such as this series. Think if you're somewhat of a newcomer then you may not know one of the reasons I started this blog was to review dramas, especially the ones for Erika. Been so long since she's been in a drama think we're all forgetting who she is but hopefully many of you Erina fans will remember the two of them together in the "SPEC" movies.
 Have the recap for episode eight in the next post, both shows were fairly good but don't think they were as enjoyable as the first six episodes, wish Erina would use her powers more. Every show has an appearance with an Hello Project member, this show featured Eri Kamei who was a member of Morning Musume. Eri graduated from Hello Project at the end of 2010 and since then haven't heard anything about her so perhaps she retired from the industry.

 Title for this episode was "The Girl who lost her Memory", okay title but a very thin plot. Erina is in a restaurant where she has just ordered her meal, before it comes she need to use the ladies room. Upon her return she finds a woman eating her meal, a woman(Eri) who has forgotten everything about her life. Everything is right on the money as the woman can't remember her name, family, where she came from or even what products in the stores are.
 Erina figures she needs a name in the meantime so Eri dubs herself Michael J. Fox, I'll continue using Eri. Walking the streets aren't helping with Eri's memory so the pair for some odd reason decide to stop at a detective agency to 'find her memory'. The private detective is far from a sharp guy, he tries to do impersonations to hopefully jog Eri's memory, needless to say all of his efforts were a failure. The detective and Erina continued doing various things to help Eri regain her memory but they too failed.
 Finally something did work but it was just a freak occurrence that it did as Eri happened to touch a sheepskin in the agency. And just like that Eri's memory was back to normal, would have been better if Erina used her powers to get Eri's memory back. She did mention that at the end of the episode as Erina always an episode writing in her diary, after all her main purpose for living in the real world is to learn how to use her powers properly.

 The scene I always look forward to is when Erina gets whisked away to the studio of the S/Mileage radio show which is live on the air. Erina pops in when the S/Mileage members are about to answer fan letters and Erina's responses to them are usually kind of quirky and at times funny to them. You have to remember the two members don;t know that Erina had spent 18 years living at the ESP Research Center, this is her first time out in the real world.
 Once again the radio show was the highlight, wouldn't mind seeing a drama devoted entirely to the members and their radio show but wonder if it may wear a bit thin. Short recap again but the plot was so thin for this episode and it just wasn't as interesting as the other shows. An episode is only 24+ minutes so naturally these recaps will be much shorter than regular dramas. Recap for episode eight is in the next post and a few more screenshots for you to enjoy, that is if you're an Erina fan.

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