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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nogizaka46: Nao's "Nogizaka Top Ten Fave Members List" - #8 ?

 Positions six through ten were the toughest ones for me, the top five seemed rather easy but you haven't seen those selections yet. The bottom five were difficult as I had wanted to have about eight members squeezed in, perhaps at the conclusion will have a post for the 'close but no cigar' members.  Second difficult task was what position to put them in, there really isn't too much difference between the sixth and tenth spots. If it was close tended to side more with the members who have been with the group longer or if that couldn't decide it then went with age, much prefer Idols who are a tad older. Not that the suspense has been building but in the #8 spot on the top ten list is....

 .... wait!!!! Once again it happened, how did they superimpose my hands with hers? Gulp, tell me one person who wouldn't want a pic like that on their wall? That's not the greatest of questions because obviously the answer is no one!
 Though just in the #8 spot, which is not a bad spot, Erika has moved up higher in my list than any other member in the last year. Think if I did a list a year ago she would have been around fourteenth but slowly I've really been enjoying everything about her so much more this year. Getting a bit older has helped as Erika is now 19, five more months until her twentieth birthday. Sigh, kind of hope she's not referring to me here....

 .... or if she is it's the percentage of men in the world she would rather be with than me! Most fans may know but if you don't Erika is quite an accomplished pianist, few singles have had featured at the ivories. Though born in Japan she spent most of her first five years in Germany where she learned to play and continues this day to be a master at it.

 Have also had Erika in two of the Nogi 'pairs post', here's one person who I wish she was in more pics with.

 No new pics of Erika for this post, actually there's been very few new ones for the group lately. But she's a member who I do keep up with as she must have a couple of thousand pics already posted here. Like I mentioned at the top age was a bit of a factor in determining some positions, could have had her two spots higher but with a few more b-days a top five spot could happen.

 Sure a few graduations will be happening, perhaps not this year but wouldn't doubt if a few Senbatsus will take that route next year. Of course I don't want to see Erika leave but if she did to me she'd have the best chance of making it big as a solo act. Besides her piano playing she's also an actress with an excellent singing voice, she's already appeared in three musical stage plays so seems to me there would many options for her. Would bet most of you have viewed Erika's first PB which came out in January, this one here from it is one of the top five pics so far for the year.

 Really no more bio info to share with you that hasn't been said here already, honestly would have liked to have had her ranked higher but could say that about so many of the members. No new pics here so let's just call it an 'Erika's greatest pic collection' or should I say a partial one as she has so many fabulous pics from the last year or so as getting older has been such a plus to her looks. After those check out a short video of her from BLT, each Spring they have videos like this one for Idols who are 18 and graduating from high school.

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