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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nogizaka46: Nao's "Nogizaka Top Ten Fave Members List" - #9 ?

 Had been planning on doing #9 tomorrow but the following post for the "W" drama has left me so brain dead decided I needed to do an easy post. But to be honest these Nogi ranking posts are anything but easy, so hard to decide on what ten members will make the list and then after that figuring out their order. My one to five positions are set but 6-10 are actually much harder, could almost flip a coin to determine the order for the second five spots.

 The one in yellow ended up in the tenth position, that means 34 members left and can only choose nine of them or about one out of every four. This was a tough choice because I think she should be higher, at times she is, but then again moving this selection up means others may have to move down. However if we were talking pairs then this duo would rank very close to the top.

 Would think by that pic you've deduced the member who will occupy the ninth spot is Nanase Nishino. To me she's always been the hardest member to either rank or to describe. No doubt Nanase is a very attractive gal, really think her looks have improved so much over the last year. She's also a smart woman and she really is a fantastic artist as a few of you may have noticed on their variety shows. Hard to explain as even though she seems to have almost everything from A to Z there's just that something about her which prevents me from ranking her higher, then again she did finish in the top ten and 25 members won't be able to say that.

 Nanase after Mai is probably the second most popular Nogi member. But think the bigger Nogi fans would have her ranked a bit lower like I do, casual fans may not know enough about all of the members as Nanase and Mai easily appear in more mags than the other members which makes them much popular. Hope it doesn't sound like I'm knocking her down at all as I'm not, think of all the members her ranking fluctuates more than any other. If I did this list last last year she may have been in the #5 position, two months from now she could once again rise to that spot.
 But I will say again that Nanase's looks have gotten so much better over the last year, more than almost every member except for perhaps two others. Would like to hear more from others out there about who they would have in their top ten. Hope Nanase fans out there aren't disappointed by her ranking but if you want to blame anyone then blame the members that beat her out as I would have liked to have ranked her higher. Know her fans won't be disappointed in these pics which all rate an A++++, following them is a superb though too short video for the photo shoot for her "Fudangi" photobook.

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