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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 magazine scans #50

 Can't recall the last time there were so many spreads that they required two posts, however none of them sadly again feature everyone's fave....

.... then I guess it's for me to wipe that moping look off of her face!

Last weekend the group performed three concerts in Miyagi, now it's on to Fukuoka as the group will have two concerts there on the 18th and 19th. After that the group will be wrapping up their Summer tour at the Meiji Stadium in Tokyo with three shows that will be taking place on August 28th to the 30th. Hope at least one of those concerts is streamed as it's been a while since that's happened, think the last one that was streamed happened in February. Three straight days of concerts must be tiring as their shows are usually quite long, perhaps the middle one will be an Undergirls show but then again they may not be popular enough to sell out the huge stadium.
 On to more mag spreads and hopefully this will catch us up 100% as I was falling a tad behind but most of these have just come out within the last week. Actually feel like a bit of a traitor at the moment as I'm not playing one of their albums but instead one from the arch rival AKB, to be honest it is hard to beat their singles up to 2012.
 Hinako is making my 'top ten fave member list' difficult, if it wasn't for that top person she could be number one but then again it's her and someone else in a tense battle for the second position. This superb set of pics is from the August 19th issue of Young Gangan.

 Kind of an odd pairing here as Manatsu and Ranze grace the pages of Bomb's September issue.

 More Manatsu as she has a solo spread in the September Bubka.

 Six other members were also featured in the September Bubka.

 Asuka was the center for the group's current single and seeing that it's sold quite well wouldn't doubt if she'll occupy that position again. This set is from the September issue of Smart.

 Whew, been quite a few spreads between these two posts and still have many more pics. Another odd combo has Hina and Sayuri in this set from volume 116 of Marquee.

 Nogi has two Hina members, here's the other one along with Rena from that same Marquee issue which finally brings us to the end of this mag spread marathon.

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