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Monday, August 22, 2016

C-ute: Sad, sad news plus 'C-ute single series' #15- "Kiss Me Aishiteru"

 Would imagine most of you C-ute fans have heard the tragic news but if not the group has finally announced their plans to disband. That news came out three days ago but it's been in the works for quite a long time, they've dropped many hints in interviews, promo appearances or on their radio shows and blogs. Seems as though Maimi is the one who has really dropped so many hints these last two months about it. Wonder if she's getting tired of the Idol scene as she's been a member of Hello Project since she was ten years old!
 It's not going to officially happen for ten months, seems kind of way too early to announce that but perhaps they just wanted to get it out of the way to erase any questions their fans may have.

 This past June marked the group's 11th anniversary, their plans are to stay around until next June to celebrate their 12th one. But in these ten remaining months there's not going to be a lot of group activity. There will be a new single coming out soon, would think October plus there will be their usual Autumn tour.
 But when the new year rolls around they'll be ceasing activities for a long time, they won't be participating in the H!P Winter concerts nor are there any plans for a Spring tour. That's a long way off though so a few things could change, don't think them disbanding will change but perhaps a few other things such as a farewell single/tour in 2017.
 Their farewell concert has already been scheduled for next June in Saitama, then after that looks like all five members will go their separate ways. Personally I've been a huge C-ute fan for a while and they're one of the few group's whose singles and albums I still purchase. Have said it numerous times before but even though Nogi may be my overall fave J-Pop group no other act these last five years has put out better songs than C-ute, know many of us are going to miss them.
 Sure there will be a few posts from me in the future about them going their separate ways, will hold off on them for now as I'd like to hear more of what's going to happen. It's not truly sad news though as how many J-Pop groups have been able to stay around for twelve quality years?

 On to some more happier things and this is truly one of them. The group's 2010 single "Campus Life" was got me interested in the group but it was their 15th single "Kiss Me Aishiteru" which really got me hooked on them. If someone ever asks you for a perfect example of a J-Pop song then you'd be hard pressed to beat this one.
 These days though don't think it's still my #1 single of C-ute, they just have so many fabulous ones over these last five years. Then again would never argue with anyone who said it was their fave tune from the group or even their all time fave J-Pop song. The covers for the single, there were four versions released.

 What could be the crime of this still young century is that this single only sold about 22,000 copies it's first week out!!!! It did reach #4 on the Oricon charts but how in the world can one of the best songs in J-Pop history sell such a low amount? Guess there's certain mysteries in the world's history that can never be explained, sigh.
 This will be the last post for the group's 'single series', think the group may have been just a little too young for the singles prior to this one. To be honest they weren't too old for this single as Maimi was the only one who was older than 18, forgot to mention it but the song was released on March 2, 2011.
 It's also much more difficult finding older things for the group such as cards, mag spreads or other promo things for a single. These days there are so many H!P cards that are released it's tough keeping up with them, that wasn't the case years ago but C-ute's popularity wasn't nearly as big then.

 Guess 28 cards and such isn't a small number but these days seems as there's well over a hundred of them for their singles. Also since 2012 the group performs a mini concert for a new single where they play the 3-4 songs from the single along with a few other fan favorites. Back then they didn't do that so no pics for an event such as that but at least that means you can stop reading my ramblings and finally get to the best part of this post. That's the PV for the song, have seen about ten live versions of the song which are all excellent but this video is subbed in English.

 Well, forget that idea! That uploader disabled embedding so here's a live version, not subbed but the gals do look better in this video than the regular PV.

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