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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nogizaka46: The 'We need more of Kazumi Takayama!' post....

 There's been two members who I've really wanted to see have their own solo photobook, one of my wishes has been answered. On September 15th Kazumi's first PB will be released, it's titled "Koi Kamoshirenai". So far just that top promo pic has been released, if the other pics are in that same vein the book may become my #1 PB ever.
EDIT: Wow that top is something else, wowowowowowowowow!!!!

 Besides that top pic which has guaranteed me a sleepless night there's no other new pics but would expect many upcoming mag spreads to promote the book. Don't think many others have the same thoughts but to me Kazumi is one stunning woman, she's also quite a funny and interesting person which I've found out from so many views of their variety shows. Her looks and personality are some of the reasons she's been either in the two or three position for my fave Nogi member.
 That 'fave member' list will be done someday, think I'll wait until after this PB comes out as Kazumi may move up a spot though it'd be hard to take over the #1 position. Realize hardly anyone would have her that high on their list but would like to hear from a few fans on who their fave members are. No other new Kazumi pics but like I mentioned there should be soon but here's a few older pics which certainly makes me take many a cold shower.


  1. She's definitely one of my favourites in the group, agree with your thoughts entirely!

  2. gorgeous and adorable. her lips are distinctively shaped and she pulls off the 80s idol fragile look extremely well in photoshoots. though i love her "fake" on screen voice, it must be really straining seeing as how often she is hoarse. somewhere in my top ten

    1. Nanami Hashimoto - no explanation needed, she's just the best, her sense of humor is nice
    2. Mai Shiraishi - no explanation necessary, everything about her is beautiful and charming and bright
    3. Misa Eto - drinking companion, gorgeous woman, soothing. also, it'a cute when she's like a clingy little sister to mai fukagawa
    4. Yumi Wakatsuki - adorable in her own socially awkward straightforward way, has one beautiful set of eyes
    5. Sayuri Matsumura - i like how ditzy she makes herself out to be when she is probably one of the smartest nogizaka members
    6. Manatsu Akimoto - idk, somehow she's quite funny, mischievous and likeable
    7. Nanase Nishino - makes me want to protect her i suppose
    8. Kazumi Takayama - probably the Nogizaka member best at variety and seems very easy to get along with
    9. Higuchi Hina & Sayuri Inoue - most perfect example of a girlish and prim young woman & sayuri inoue has the ultimate cutesy idol face while being an absolutely passionate shonen manga reading protein drinking tomboy
    10. Sakurai Reika - likeable charming ponkotsu with a unique face
    10. Nakamoto Himeka - very stereotypically idol- ish and very good at being idol- ish, also cute and energetic

    Honorable mentions: former member Mai Fukagawa always in my Top 5

  3. yeah i agree with you. shes been my number 2 forever. she makes me laugh so hard. i love that. anyway my top 5 are:

    maimai was previously my number 4 and maiyan is number 0 (she is too beautiful for her own good) lol

    keep up the good work. i visit every morning. thanks

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. My top ten list wouldn't be the same as others but quite a few of my faves are on your lists. There's really no way you can go wrong with whoever you have on your list, it's actually kind of hard to stop at ten.

  5. i agree. i have a top 20. after that its just way too freakin hard