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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nogizaka46: (finally) Nao's "Nogizaka Top Ten Fave Members List" - #10 ?

 Kind of a slow period for the group recently, there are a few new things so hopefully can do a few regular posts starting tomorrow. Put a "?' there to build up the suspense a bit.... wait, she hacked my post yet again!!

 Someone has really had a swelled head lately, think not including her on the top ten list may bring her back down to earth. Been a few days since the last Nogi post as the group has been a bit quiet lately but they are in the midst of their Summer tour so they're excused for being so quiet. In case you didn't hear the second photobook was a huge seller in it's first week out selling over 41,000 copies and it easily topped the charts.
 Figured I would devote a whole post to the member who occupies a position, thought I would do two posts a week for the next five weeks. Need the time to think of the order, as a few of you have said it's not easy whittling these 35 gals down to just ten and right now have a tie for second place.

 Actually will mention Seira briefly as she would have had a spot on this list without a doubt. She graduated in March so sadly won't include her but think she would have been in the #5 spot.

 Thanks for the comments about who some of your fave members are, would like to hear from a few other fans out there. Never have made a poll here and not sure how to do it, seems like a good idea but having 35 names on that list may make it a bit too long. Quite a few of you have many different faves but seems that Kazumi and Yumi are most people's faves, you really can't go wrong with any member and think about half the members were listed.
 That is except for my first entry who won the #10 spot, out of 35 members that's an impressive achievement. That member is the Undergirl Yuuri Saito, think there's at least two Undergirls on the list plus two that were just recently promoted. Yuuri though has been a Senbatsu for six singles but only one of their last seven. Personally I think she has one of the better singing voices in the group and would imagine she'll be making a reappearance on a few more A-sides. Also have noticed Yuuri one of the more popular members within the group, kind of hard to dislike someone so bubbly.

 Did a post last month for Yuuri's 23rd b-day, first solo post I've had for her in such a long time but unfortunately she doesn't appear in enough mags or at promo events. That's such a shame as she truly is one attractive woman and a bit older, think most of the top ten have the slightly older members.  Yuuri has been with Nogi since their inception, sure many of you have watched their variety shows where she tends to stand out often as she's quite funny with brains to boot. She also has her own radio show called 'Nutty Radio' plus she does a few other things like that but those activities aren't really postable things. On to some fabulous pics, isn't she such an underrated beauty!? The answer is yes so hopefully these pics will propel her on to a few other top ten lists. Not sure if this video has been posted but it's a fine one for volume 4 of 'Nogizaka Quarterly' from December 2014.


  1. think it's generally acknowledged that yuuri saito is easy to get along with, and apparently kawamura mahiro is an extremely nice amicable person who never gets angry (unless it's about dancing)

  2. also, I wonder who the member with the swelled head is...