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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2016 #26....

 The above pics and the ones below are a few leaked ones from the group's second photobook which comes out this Friday, had a feeling it was going to be a super duper PB but had no idea it was going to be this tremendous. Hopefully will have the full book within the week with much better quality pics. Nanami looks so desirable as usual but in these pics it's Misa who takes my(our) breath away. Few of you may remember but I've been saying for close to a year now that she deserves to have her own solo photobook and it's easy to see why I've thought that way.... wowowowowowowowow!!!!

 Week one sales for the "Hadashi de Summer" single were a tad over 728,000 copies sold, not a record but it's the group's second largest first week sales. May be close to impossible to top the sales for single #14 "Harujoin ga Saku Koro" which has sold about 830,000 copies to date. Usually I'm optimistic and would say that this single still has a very good chance to top that mark but this time it's not the case
 These upcoming weeks there are quite a few big name groups putting out singles such as AKB(8/31), NMB(new single came out today) and SKE(8/17), can see that trio having total sales around 2.5+ million. Plus HKT's next single is coming out the first week of September so that's a lot of competition, even though a new Nogi record won't be broken if they sell close to 20,000 more copies it'll be their second biggest selling single.
 Did mention last week it's hard to increase your sales with each release, now and again there's going to be a decrease which isn't a bad thing as long as it's not a huge decrease. Every huge group in history from the Beatles to AKB have had singles that have sold less than the previous one, shame they didn't put the single out two weeks earlier when there wasn't as much competition.

 Not too many new things but know many wanted to hear what the first week sales were for the new single plus those above pics were too superb not to be posted. Group will be performing three concerts in Aichi this weekend, would love to see Rena join them for a few of the songs she appeared on in her brief existence with the group and Aichi is her hometwon.
 Group Captain Reika won't be there nor will she be appearing at any concerts for the next few weeks as she stated on her blog that she's quite ill but didn't reveal what that illness was. Not that I want her to be sick but read a few comments at a site that they thought she was having issues with her contract, hope that's not the case which is why it'd be better if she was ill as we know she is just on a short leave.
 Two new mag spreads for today, slowdown on them recently but for about a two week stretch must have been posting 2-3 of them a day. Been seeing quite a bit of Hinako lately which is a good thing for me as she's knocking on the door to overtake Kazumi as my second fave member. Joining her in this CD-Data spread is Himeka, both were just promoted to the ranks of Senbatsu after being Undergirls for so long and really think both deserved the promotion.

 Miria has been the best member these last few months keeping her blog updated so it's nice to see her finally in a mag spread. Kana joins her fellow Undergirl with this set from the September issue of Bomb, spread was subtitled 'Love Special'.

 Hopefully there will be a few other newer things the next couple days even though the group will performing at those weekend concerts If not will try to think of a few things to post about, have a few 'theme posts' which I keep talking about but never seem to get around doing so perhaps this will be a good weekend to start on them. Final set of pics for today are even more Nogi cards for July which feature Erika and Miona.
 PS- Just got the third season of 'NOGIBINGO!' which I don't think has been posted about here so perhaps that's what could be coming up next.

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