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Monday, August 8, 2016

Marina Nagasawa: 2016 magazine scans

 Kind of odd how the two posts today are for a 'Nagasawa', I honestly didn't plan it that way. Marina's two posts for her WPB-Net scans for June have shocked me with how many views they've received, she definitely deserves more posts then and will be working on that.
 May also have some posts for her Idol group Houkago Princess, they're an okay group and their PV's are worth checking out, that's a group photo above. They're not hugely popular or at least not yet but are getting there. The group's first ten singles were indie releases but they sold reasonably well and last year were signed by the major label Universal. They've released three singles for that label along with their first mini album.
 Will give more group info in the future but would think(know) most of you are here for pics of Marina and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Hope you have an oxygen tank handy as you may need it to catch your breath, first dazzling set is from Young Champion #4, all of the spreads are from this year.

 This set is from Young Jump #3 which came out in January, the '20' may be referring to Marina's age as she turned twenty last October.

 Whew, hope your oxygen tank still has a bit left in it, whew again! Know it's hard to notice but she does look quite kawaii in a few of these pics from Young Animal Arashi #3.

 Saved the best for last, hope you're not at work viewing these as your boss may not appreciate you viewing them, then again if it's a male boss you may get a raise! There a few more Marina spreads for this year and will post them soon, final one for now is from WPB #12.


  1. still have a hard time believing she's around my age

  2. btw, nao, are you familiar with yuko araki(can currently be seen in drama" ie uru onna"), fumika baba or yumemiru adolescence's rei kobayashi?

    not sure if you ever posted about mai shiraishi having a role in ushijima the loan shark part 3, thought i'd share

  3. Did post about Mai being in that movie, devoted a whole post of her at the press conference which was posted on June 29th.
    Do know a bit about Yuko, 'Schoolgirl Complex' was an okay film though never posted a review on it.