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Friday, August 12, 2016

Han Hyo-Joo: "W' drama episode seven recap and screenshots

 Start Date: July 20th, 2016.. airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on MBC 

Main Cast:

Han Hyo-Joo as Oh Yeon-Joo
Lee Jung-Suk as Kang Chul
Jeong Eu-Gene as Yoon So-Hee
Lee Tae-Hwan as Seo Do-Yoon
Park Won-Song as Han Chul-ho
Kim Eui-Sung as Oh Sung-Moo
Lee Si-Un as Park Soo-Bong

 This episode aired at it's regular time this Wednesday however Thursday's show was preempted by the Olympics hence just one recap this week. Thursday's episode won't be airing until next Wednesday so the show will continue on for one extra week unless they decide to air three shows in a week. Even though only one episode aired this week it didn't affect the ratings at all, as a matter of fact it helped as it rose from a 12.2% all the up to 13.8%.
 The first four episodes were so strong that it's hard comparing shows like this one to those. This was a solid watch but definitely not as fast paced or exciting as some of the earlier episodes. However the slowdown may have been on purpose as some key new subplots have been added into the mix, it did end on a very high note which makes us(me) look forward to the eighth episode.
 Instead of continuing on from where the previous episode ended off we started this show with a brief flashback. Yeon-Joo's father is still away recovering from his gunshot would so she's been attempting to keep the webtoon going. Yeon-Joo is a good artist but she can't quite capture Kang's exact looks. Oh's assistant Park doesn't understand why as he thought the original idea for the "W" manga and webtoon was created by her. She's confused by that for a moment, then there's a flashback to when she was about 12 years old. Yeon-Joo and her friends were watching the Olympics and were rooting for a female Korean pistol shooter. That shooter was in first until the final two rounds but was barely beaten out at the end and had to settle for the Silver medal.

 After watching that second place finish Yeon-Joo got the idea for a story except she changed a few of the details around. Her story was that a Korean male won the Gold medal at the pistol shooting and had to come back at the end to claim the victory. That's exactly how the manga story went for Kang as Yeon-Joo's father used her idea to create that immensely popular "W" manga and webtoon. Don't know what took him so long though as he started on it ten years after Yeon-Joo has the idea.
 Rest of the story takes place in the webtoon world, we don't see Yeon-Joo's father at all. At the conclusion of episode six Yeon-Joo has been whisked back to the webtoon world, when she had left it she was in jail awaiting trial. Being in jail didn't make Yeon-Joo sad at all for it meant the ending of the webtoon changed and that Kang was still alive.
 Even Kang was mystified that he was still alive as he had jumped from a bridge into the Han river. Just by chance a police boat was passing by and managed to quickly save him. However Kang is growing a bit suspicious of Yeon-Joo as he thinks she's been playing around with his live, does she want him alive or does she wish him dead?

 That's what Kang asks her when he visits her in jail, here is when the first two have some angry words, they had briefly met the day before when she was being transported to a different jail. Actually all the angry talk was from Kang as he tells her what a sick person she is with playing around with his and his family's lives. This went on a for a few minutes, Yeon-Joo tries to explain her reasons to Kang and for the third time in the series blurts out to him 'I Love You'.
 A few seconds after uttering those words Yeon-Joo gets transported back into the real world, when Kang has some sort of emotion that happens. For some unknown reason though Yeon-Joo only spends a minute back in her her world before reappearing in the webtoon world. Kang has no more anger left in him as the pair embrace, is a romance between the two finally going to happen?
 Think that romance slows things down a bit for a while but shortly after an unexpected event happens. The one was Kang thinks he can get her out of jail is by saying the two of them are married, him and his assistant work on setting it up. It was a success as Yeon-Joo and Kang's lawyer were able to convince a judge that the two of them had been married the prior year in Chicago but had wanted to keep it a secret because of Kang's wealth and fame.
 The marriage is sort of a sham but not too much as the two of them have fallen in love, it's not a legal marriage but does it really matter? Not to them as Yeon-Joo moves into Kang's penthouse and is naturally treated like a Queen as Kang is just so filthy rich but to Yeon-Joo's credit she doesn't care about his money at all.

 Kang likes that about her and the pair settle down quickly and seem like a normal couple though they've only been 'married' for two days. Kang has a lot of things planned for them so they can get to know each other better, at first it was a one sided love affair for Yeon-Joo but now it looks like that love is finally being returned.
 Those events bring us close to the end of the show where two events happen in rapid succession, very dark events are about to happen starting with the next episode. Kang had taken the elevator to go to the roof to see his bodyguard, on the way up he got a phone call with the called ID blocked. When he answered the call there was no voice but words began to appear in the air(!) threatening Kang but they soon went away when he reached the roof.
 Upon his return to the penthouse he found Yeon-Joo sleeping and wasn't about to wake her. Right then he received another caller ID blocked call, it was from the same person(?). This time the threats were even worse, the words in the air said he had killed Kang's family one time before, now that he has a new one he's going to kill that family too meaning Yeon-Joo is on his lit list. Those calls may be from the unidentified hooded mystery man in the webtoon. And there my folks is how the episode ended on that thrilling cliffhanger.

 First and last thirds of this show were fine, the middle kind of dragged a bit with the blossoming of their romance. Then again that did need to finally be addressed so in the long run it was a scene though a bit too long will prove to be important. Can't say for a change that the following episode is in the next post which is a shame as watching these episodes back to back seem to make them better.
 So this time next week will have the recaps for the eighth and ninth shows, be a good time for you to start this series if you haven't yet. Actually this may give me time to start on one of two other completed dramas which will either be "Squad 38" or "My Lawyer, Mr. Jo". Been a while since there's been a regular Hyo-Joo post who looks so fabulous in this show so if if you're a fan expect a post or two for her this weekend.

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