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Monday, November 7, 2016

C-ute: Few new cards plus Tower Records mini concert pics and video

 Kind of a quiet last few days, that's okay as like some of my faves think I need a slower day too now and again. This is the only post but maybe it'll draw a few more people to view one about C-ute, for as many as I've done for them the group posts don't attract many views though the solo ones for Airi and especially Maimi are always popular.
 The group has been appearing on so many music shows as of late and have done a few promo events for their new single "Mugen Climax". Bit unsure what the actual sales figures are, Oricon after four days has the total at about 55,000 or so copies sold which means they'll sell about 65,000 for week one which is about their usual average.
 However Billboard Japan has the singles total at 96,827 copies sold, seems as though more people are following their numbers as Oricon has become quite strict on what sales they count. Meanwhile Soundscan reported sales of 90,221 and if the official total is 90.000+ it would be a new personal record for the group. The highest selling single for them has been "Arigatou ~Mugen no Yell" which has sold a bit over 73,000 copies, that was their 28th single while the new one is #30. Not many new cards have come out over the last month that I haven't posted but have a few new ones here.

 On November 4th the group appeared at Tower Records in Shibuya to promote the new single, they always do a mini concert for every release along with most other H!P groups. At the mini concert where they performed the three sings off the new single Maimi was asked who does she think will be replacing her as the leader of the Hello Project groups.
 She naturally didn't know but if it was up to her then her choice would be Ayaka Wada who is the leader of ANGERME, they were formerly called S/Mileage. Hadn't thought of her until I read that but it makes sense as she'd be a fine leader though unsure how much responsibility they do have over the groups. Plenty of pics from the mini concert here and following them is a video that all C-ute fans will enjoy from the event which includes an interview along with some of the songs.

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