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Friday, November 4, 2016

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanami Hashimoto post' #63- "Nogizaka Under Construction" show graduation interview part one

 This is episode 78 of the show, there's a version on YT but the video is a bit too small however it is available at many sites in HQ. The show aired last Sunday and the first twelve minutes were devoted to Nanami's graduation as she was interviewed by the Bananaman who are the show's co-hosts. Took plenty of screenshots so you can follow along with the questions and answers, they are subbed so may not have to explain everything.
 As you Nogi fans know my fave Nanami is graduating on February 20th which is her 24th birthday but think that date may be pushed back to March. During the interview, which wasn't a fluffy one at all, Nanami was asked many questions about the graduation and what her future plans are. She also revealed some details about her personal life like what made her join Nogi and want to become an Idol.

 Nanami told the audience that her main reason for joining Nogi was because she and her family needed the money, she comes from Hokkaido. Her family was a bit poor, they even had their power and water shut off because they couldn't pay their bills. Also her younger brother wanted to attend college and she was saving up to pay his way. However he's a smart lad and he received a scholarship which meant Nanami didn't have to foot the bill. Wonder what would have happened if she didn't pass the audition?
 The best question which Bananaman asked twice was about her retiring from show biz. It's very common these days for an idol to graduate but almost unheard of for a popular one to quit the business completely. That was an excellent question as I can't think of anyone to do that unless they were getting married, Nanami stressed that she has no plans to do that yet.

 Actually think I would like Nanami even more if she wasn't an Idol, wish she would return one of those hundred e-mails I send her a day so I could let her know that. Nanami did a good job in skirting some of those probing questions, she never really answered why she's quitting the entertainment field. That graduation is four months away so her thinking could change during that time or perhaps after that. Bananaman did ask another question about that which is if she couldn't succeed in the real world would she consider becoming an Idol again or perhaps an actress but she said Nanami said she couldn't see that happening.
 Nanami did say her family is doing much better, she was helping her family out with their bills but seems she's no longer doing that. Lot of rumors have floated around such as perhaps she's thinking of re-enrolling in school as she is a smart woman, never gave a definite answer to her future plans which means she may not be sure of anything yet.
 The segment lasted about twelve minutes so only so many questions could be asked and answered. All in all though Nanami did appear a bit sad about the graduation as she did break down once but she says there's no regrets about her decision and let's hope it stays that way. Have mentioned it before but it must be hard for an Idol or anyone else to be so popular for so long then have to revert to the real world. Nanami is very bright but not sure what skills she has that could get her a high paying job so school may be her best option.
 Other questions were asked during the show, didn't list all of them but took plenty of subbed screenshots so you can view her answers. The show was 24+ minutes long so in the next post have the remaining twelve minutes which also featured Nanami with other members, however for some reason only the interview was subbed. The subs were done by Good Enough subs who have been doing the BINGO! shows, sadly this Nogi show doesn't get subbed too often.

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