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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jurina Matsui: "Death Cash" drama episode two recap and screenshots

 Start Date: July 13, 2016.... aired Wednesday nights at 24:10 on TBS

Main Cast:

Jurina Matsui as Yuka Minami
Shigeyuki Totsugi as Takeshi Wakamoto
Rina Kawaei as Erina Hayashi
Kaya Kiyohara as Koyume Minami
Riho Yoshioka as Kazue Hagninomo
Yurika Nakamura as Mari Ueno
Toshio Kakei as Taichiro Zaitsu
.... plus many others who have or will get killed off after one episode....

 Will make this shorter than the above post, first episodes tend to be longer due to introducing the characters and plot. That first episode Yuka(Jurina) had two friends who were mysteriously killed due to the curse of the 'Death Cash', that's an endless supply of money which suddenly appears in front of someone who really needs it. The curse is when the bills start to get stained your life is snuffed out.
 Just one friend of Yuka's was killed this episode who was a man named Kawabe. He was on the school javelin team through a scholarship as he was too poor to pay for college. However he failed to make the elite team after a tryout, his scholarship could be in jeopardy and the coach had told him he only picked people for the team who were paying for their schooling.
 Kawabe could be on the team if he was able to come up with the regular tuition money, an impossible task for someone as poor as he was. Kawabe wished so hard for the money and like the other friends of Yuka's that money was suddenly in front of him at his apartment. The money so far has only appeared at the person's apartment and when they're alone.

 Meanwhile Yuka is still the prime suspect in the deaths of two of her friends, the detective Wakamoto has even begun tailing her to catch her in the act of murder. Wakamoto had an open mind though as the deaths were quite strange, he begins thinking that perhaps Yuka didn't do the killing but she was at the scene shortly after her friends were killed.
 Yuka didn't think Wakamoto would believe her if she told him about her premonitions, being able to see an event before it happened and being able to save that person once. Wakamoto did believe her though and told her to call him when she sensed that another death was about to occur.
 Another one was about to happen and as you probably figured out it was going to happen to Kawabe who had received some death cash. Yuka was at the college watching Kawabe's javelin practice but sensed tragedy was about to strike and summoned Wakamoto to the school. He rushed right over but neither him nor Yuka could do a thing to save Kawabe who was stabbed to death in an eerie fashion by a bunch of javelins.

 That name in the middle screenshot is spelled wrong, it is Kawabe. One other event that happened at the practice field was that Yuka had a premonition about Wakamoto getting killed by a discus, she was right about that and was just able to save his life by a whisker. He's really curious about Yuka now, he knows she's not responsible for the deaths but she does have some connection to them.
 It wasn't announced but it appears as though the two are going to form a team to find out the truth about these mysterious deaths. To date though neither one is aware of the 'Death Cash' or it's curse, as a matter of fact we have no clue what the curse is really about. Yuka has a picture at her apartment with eight of her friends in it, three have been killed so are the other five now next in line?
 Not as much happened in this show versus the first episode but it was just as fine of a watch, being 23 minutes long think it's better to watch two episodes in a row. So far can't say I'm loving this drama but it's been a solid watch, enough mystery and unanswered questions to keep your interest. Once the next two episodes are subbed will be back with recaps for them, should be within the next two weeks.
 Jurina has been a bit quiet lately, think she's only had one post here in the last few months but she really looks so jaw-dropping in this show. We'll probably be seeing more of her and a few other SKE members as their 20th single is coming out in less than two weeks. Wasn't a long recap but think most of what happened were covered but here's more screenshots if I missed anything.

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