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Monday, November 21, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves list for 2016' introduction....

 Been talking about having my second 'top ten' list for a while now and have finally decided to start it. However as you can see by the title it'll be a 'top twenty' list and will be posting the first two inductees this Friday or Saturday. Above is Masami who was my top gal last year or perhaps top gal of all time. She'll be exempt this year as I'm going to create a 'Hall of Fame' and she's the second person to get that honor.
 The following post describes the details a bit more, that post also has the top ten list from last year. Thought this post would take a while so did that one first. At first was thinking of having two 'top ten' lists, one for actresses and the other for Idols. But got to thinking that would exclude some such as actresses who are more known for their gravure work then acting such as this trio.

 So will have that top twenty include everyone who I usually post about, think off of last year's list six will make the cut this year. Besides fabulous looks also look at what they've done for 2016, there's a few huge faves of mine who have done practically nothing this year so sadly they won't make the list.
 Would like to hear from some readers on who would make your list, seems these lists I've done have garnered quite a few views plus many more comments than usual. Now the hard parts for me are coming up, twenty sounds like a lot of women and it is but if you look at the right hand side you can see how many I post about. As far as Idols go think H!P gals will be represented rather well on the list and may beat the combined totals of Nogi and the '48' groups.

 As you can see there's already eight who should make the list and there's so many others which is headache #1. Second headache will be determining the order which will be much tougher, here's many more pics of those who will probably make the cut plus there's more than them. Any comments about your faves or whatever are appreciated and do always try to respond to the comments.

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