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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Jurina Matsui: "Death Cash" drama episode eight recap and screenshots

 Start Date: July 13, 2016.... aired Wednesday nights at 24:10 on TBS

Main Cast:

Jurina Matsui as Yuka Minami
Shigeyuki Totsugi as Takeshi Wakamoto
Rina Kawaei as Erina Hayashi(died in ep. four)
Kaya Kiyohara as Koyume Minami
Riho Yoshioka as Kazue Hagninomo(died in ep. three)
Shono Hayama as Gen Haitani(died in ep. five)
Yurika Nakamura as Mari Ueno(died in ep. seven)
Toshio Kakei as Taichiro Zaitsu
.... plus many others who have or will get killed off after one episode....

 Let's get right to the story, that previous recap was much longer than planned. Professor Zaitsu is now in custody for the murder of Mari but we viewers now it was an accident which was caused by the death cash. However detective Wakamoto who has been working on the case is now suspended from it as his new supervisor Iori has removed him from the case.
 Their relationship hasn't been explained yet but they do have a past and really despise each other. One reason for that hatred could be the death of Wakamoto's younger sister and that death hasn't been explained either. Only two shows left so they better get to some of these reasons very soon but Iori thinks Wakamoto is helping out Yuka as she looks so much like his deceased sister.

 Wakamoto was forbidden to have contact with the arrested Zaitsu but while Iori was in a meeting had managed to slip into to see him, with Wakamoto was Yuka. Minus the credits an episode is about 22 minutes long, the scene with the trio Yuka, Wakamoto and Zaitsu had to take up half the show.
 Zaitsu rambled on quite a bit about his theories on the death cash and his own views on why everyone was dying. Zaitsu did admit he didn't want Mari to die as he was falling for her but it was too late for those feelings now. Though innocent of Mari's death it doesn't appear Zaitsu can get out of it but there's no way for the police to charge him for the other five student deaths.
 The term 'death cash' wouldn't stand up too well in court, because of that Zaitsu thinks he's eventually going to walk away a free man. That won't be the case but the detail Yuka wants to know is of there is a way to beat the curse? Obviously there is as there was a survivor from thirty years ago when the curse started. The origins of the curse started then in the small village of Egibura which had a population of 55. But over the years the death cash curse killed all of the villagers except for one but that wasn't the case as you'll soon learn.

 That back and forth conversation as mentioned went on for almost half of the episode but we did learn many interesting facts about the death cash but mainly about Zaitsu. He revealed that his research was for his thesis, it can't be used for evidence as it's all in his head. Also what hasn't come out is how he learned about the curse and set up the students to receive the money. During the long talk Zaitsu said what was obvious which was that Yuka is the only surviving student so she's next in line for the death cash.
 There's no way she'll ever accept the money but that's what she thinks now. She received a phone call and it had to be an urgent one as she rushed off to the hospital where her younger sister Koyume was. Koyume had injured herself falling but it wasn't serious so she should have been released but that didn't happen. At the hospital the doctor explained to Yuka that Koyume has a very rare disease which is called 'CPLX', hence the reason for not releasing her.
 Koyume needs an operation quickly or else she'll die from the disease. The operation will of course cost a lot of money which will total ten million yen! The sister's mother during the show has been in Africa, don't know why she wasn't contacted about Koyume's condition as she seems to be well off and could pay for it. That wasn't the case so creeping in Yuka's head is the thought that she may need the death cash to save her sister which is where her appearance in this show ends.

 The last incident in this episode was a very, very major one. After Yuka left Wakamoto and Zaitsu continued their conversation and for some reason Zaitsu knows quite a bit about Wakamoto's past. Especially about his dead sister and would think the details on that will be told to us soon.
 That conversation soon became very heated but before it ended one key discovery was found out by Wakamoto. We had all thought that there was only one survivor from the village of Egibura which is where the death cash curse started. There's actually a second survivor, her name was revealed but it wasn't anyone we have heard of until now. To me think that second survivor may be Wakamoto's new supervisor Iori, that may be the main reason she removed him from the case.
 In the final moments that talk with Zaitsu became too much for Wakamoto who took out his gun and was threatening Zaitsu. Don't think he was planning on killing him but that became a moot point. Zaitsu was able to put his hand around Wakamoto's hand which had a finger on the trigger, Zaitsu may have had a death wish as he squeezed Wakamoto's finger and ended up getting shot. Iori heard the shot and rushed down to the cell but it was too late as Zaitsu was dead and Wakamoto had fled.

 Wakamoto is now on the run with an APB on him. One thing he did which happens so often is that he left the gun at the scene, why wouldn't he take the evidence plus wouldn't he need the gun now that he's on the run?
 That was the conclusion of this episode and so much happened the plan to make it a short recap was impossible to do. Two suspenseful cliffhangers are in the works for the final two episodes and can't wait to view them. How I watch a series is how you can tell if I really enjoy it or not. When I watch an episode every other week then it's usually a so-so drama. However when I zip through the shows like I am with this series then you know I'm really into it.
 Will try very hard to have the final two recaps this Tuesday, if not it won't take place until next weekend because of the holiday as my body is really craving some hops and barley. Wild Turkey is another option too but if that happens it'd take me a few weeks to recover.

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