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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 Magazine scans #77

 Been a while since the last Nogi b-day post, seems most of them occur in the first three months of the year and August. But there are a few of them in November and celebrating her 19th today is Iori who I sadly forget about at times. looking at these pics make me wonder how.

 The group's X-Mas concerts start up in ten days and there will be a total of four shows, two each from the Senbatsus and Undergirls. Hopefully at least one of them will be streamed, that hasn't happened for one of their shows since February which has disappointed a few of their fans like me. Seeing them on music shows is okay but it does get tiring seeing them perform the same song over and over, their concerts are usually so entertaining.
 Taking that mini Nogi break meant things piled up so expect many posts for them over the next few days. It's been five months since Mai F. graduated, after a short break she's now trying to break into the acting field and has a small part in a current drama. This is her second spread this month as she graces the cover of the November 30th issue of Big Comic Spirits.

 Posted many sets yesterday from the current issue of WPB but am holding two back for solo posts. There was one mini set that was missed from that special mag which features Hinako and Minami.

 In 2015 Nanase easily had the most solo spreads of any member, this year she may not have made the top five though she is alone in this fine set of pics from the January issue of Samurai ELO.

 Mentioned yesterday that Asuka has her first photobook coming out in January. To me it just seems it won't be that great of a book though someone did make a comment that she has many female fans and it'll probably outsell Kazumi's PB. Odds are that will happen but to date Kazumi's first PB which came out in September may be the best of all the Nogi books. No Asuka here but do have some fabulous Kazumi pics from the January issue of BLT, bottom two pics are of Kana.

 Mai just missed making the top ten in my first ever 'Fave Nogi Member' list. Bet if I did the list over today that may not happen as I really like her, she was just at some promo event a few days ago so will hunt down some pics and info from that. This is Mai's first solo spread in a long time and looking beyond splendid in the January issue of UTB.

 Don't think there's ever been a post where the trio of Mai's each had their own solo spread, first and last time it'll happen and these feature you-know-who from the January issue of Ray.

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