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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves list for 2016'- the 'just missed the list' gals....

 Last 'intro post' for the upcoming series, yesterday's intro post was the most viewed one of the day so many may be a bit curious on who will make the cut. Was going to post #20 this Saturday but will be doing that tomorrow, that way can do one of them every other day and have #1 for the year done on December 31st.
 If you think it's easy to whittle a list to twenty of your faves then you try it! Started jotting down everyone who could have made my list and by the time I got to 35 names had to stop. Guess I'm showing my age too as I've been an actress/Idol/J-Pop fan for a decade now so have accumulated a lot of faves during that time.

 Still can't figure out how she keeps getting into these posts as I'm doing them....But it's not an 'all-time' list so some of my big faves didn't make the cut such as Saki who is above. She practically did nothing this year and being active was one criteria I had. Another was if you're new or not, some I've been posting about for 2-3 months and it wouldn't be fair to exclude ones who I've been posting about for so much longer. Those didn't cut the list down too much but also thought if I posted these 'also-rans' then they couldn't be included on the final list.
 Everyone here could have easily made the list and perhaps next year someone may appear in the top ten but for now they just barely missed. Some of them are huge faves of mine and would be on my all time top ten list but for 2016 that wasn't the case. So here's two pics each of the ones who barely missed, second year in a row Mariko missed by one spot. but besides they're in no order.
 Hopefully everyone knows who they are as I'm not going to reveal the names except for the bottom two pics. They belong to Akari Uemura who is a member of Juice=Juice who is in my top five current J-Pop groups. She's not turning 18 until next month so haven't done any solo posts for her and because of that she wasn't eligible for the top twenty.
 Brought her name up as she reminds me of Jurina and how she developed early(still doing so!), can easily see her being in the top twenty either next year or the following one. But as some may know have that loose age limit so no solo posts will be coming for her until next year. Above her two pics is the oldest gal who I post about often, you all have to know her. Speaking of ages, not that we were, there's only one in my top twenty who is 19 as most are 24 or older as I feel the older they get the more attractive they also get.


  1. hmmm... Nanase is currently on my "girls who wouldn't miss a favourite's list if I made one," didn't realise it existed until today but not surprised to find that she's on it. May I ask why she missed out on yours?

  2. No good reason except for some that I listed above. I do like Nanase but what her hurt her is being in such a big group. Think it helps being in smaller groups like Hello Project has, not that Nanase gets buried but when you're in a group with 35+ members like AKB or Nogi you don't get to know the members as well. As a matter of fact only one Nogi member will make the top 20 and just two from AKB. Could go on for a while as there's other reasons why someone made or didn't make the list but check out my 'Top Ten Fave Nogi Members' post for more of them.