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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Ramen Daisuki Koizumi san" drama: episode one and two recaps with screenshots

 Also known as 'Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles'

Air Dates: June 27 to July 18, 2015 on Fuji-TV, aired Saturdays at 11:40 pm, rating was 5.43%

Main Cast:

Akari Hayami as Koizumi 
Karen Miyama as Yu Osawa
Seika Furuhata as Misa Nakamura

The three male customers:

Yutaka Ono, Toshifumi Muramatsu, Hideki Tanaka

 Always try to introduce new actresses or Idols here but trying to do more of them recently as some of you may have noticed. On occasion do get into a rut posting about some of my faves and that even includes Nogi. Also been trying to watch more dramas lately as there was such a long stretch without viewing any as most of them these last two years have put me to sleep. That is except for these late night series which usually prove to be interesting and enjoyable.
 Have also wanted to start posting about Akari, she's been off and on my radar for about two years now. Was curious about this show and had never seen any her in anything or least none that I recall, thought this would be a good intro for her. Will be doing some regular posts for Akari very soon, possibly in the next day or so. If you didn't know it she was once a member of Momiro Clover, that's a J-Pop group who I've always liked and she turned 21 last April.

 Hopefully this will be an easy drama to review, there's only four episodes and a show is only twenty minutes long, it was somewhat popular and did have a special which aired in January. Could do a very quick synopsis of the drama and will need only a few words for that: It's about eating ramen! For the most part that's it, seems 80% of the episodes take place or going to eat in a ramen shop.
 Koizumi is a high school senior(?) who has recently transferred to a new unnamed school. She has no friends and is a bit distant but that draws the curiosity of Yu. One day she notices Koizumi standing in line at a ramen shop, at the time she's with her best friend Misa who doesn't like Koizumi at all or at least yet. She departs as Yu goes to wait in line with Koizumi and it's the first time the two have met.
 The pair end up eating at the ramen shop, Yu had no idea what an expert at ramen Koizumi was. Yu also likes ramen quite a bit but isn't in the same league as Koizumi who never smiles until she finishes a bowl of superb ramen. Yu then becomes Koizumi's friend though it's more of a one-sided friendship as she tags along whenever Koizumi visits a ramen shop who would prefer to eat alone.

 Mentioned that Yu isn't in Koizumi's league as far as knowing everything about ramen, that also includes eating it. Koizumi seems to have a bottomless pit for a stomach and can eat the largest bowl in any shop. But not just any shop as Koizumi hunts down just the best eateries, most are popular but she's discovered a few out of the way places that serve unique ramen.
 Eventually Koizumi starts to warm towards Yu, think she enjoys having someone around who she can tell her knowledge of ramen to. Now to the third member of the soon to be trio which is Misa who hasn't taken a liking to Koizumi. Misa had a boyfriend, Koizumi and Yu had watched from a window as she was dumped by him. She hid her sadness but because of Yu's urging she joined the pair at a ramen shop called Mokotanman which was known for it's spicy ramen.
 Koizumi ordered the spiciest ramen they had, Misa said she could eat whatever she did and ordered the same dish. To say it was very spicy would be an understatement as it left the two girls in tears, some of Misa's were from her breakup. However Koizumi and Misa started to respect each other and soon it would grow into a friendship which brought us to the end of the second episode.

 Of course with a length of twenty minutes a show these recaps will be short which is why these two were combined, did the same with the next two episodes which are the next post. Don't know exactly why but really enjoy these kind of off beat dramas, there's zero action or suspense but there's some unknown factor which makes me keep watching these quiet, quirky dramas.
 Only problem I had were with the subs, the translation was fine so I thanks the persons for doing them. There were a few teams as the timing was way off, they were corrected a bit but were still off which kind of affected my taking screenshots. But the translation was accurate so all in all the timing was a slightly annoying but didn't affect my viewing pleasure.
 Very easy series to find too as many sites have it, would recommend this drama if you enjoy more off beat shows and wish there were more of them in this vein. Though very short shows took a huge amount of screenshots so you can follow the story better even though the story was just about eating ramen. Was looking for a promo video for the show but couldn't locate one, least yet, but the episodes are on YT.

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