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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nao Matsushita: "Hayako Sensei, Kekkon Surutte Honto Desu Ka?" drama episode two recap

  Air Dates and info: April 14 to June 16, 2016 on Fuji-TV, Thursdays at 10:00 pm
 Average rating: 5.58%.... also known as 'The Single Teacher Miss Hayako'

Main Cast:

Nao Matsushita as Hayako Tatsuki.... 34 year old single elementary schoolteacher
Keiko Matsuzaka as Naoko Tatsuki.... Hayako's mother
Isao Bito as Tatsushi Tatsuki.... Hayako's father and owner of a tofu shop
Rina Kawaei as Fuko (Tatsuki) Moriyama.... Hayako's younger married sister
Shihori Kanjiya as Mika Kugayama.... schoolteacher and possibly Hayako's best friend
Hitomi Sato as Umeko Narimasu.... teacher at Hayako's school
Mimi Maihane as Mai Hamura.... friend of Mika's
Norito Yashima as Rentaro Sendagi.... school administrator
Shotaro Mamiya as Sosuke Minato.... schoolteacher
Fuka Koshiba as Riri Akigawa.... school nurse

 This drama is a little slow for me, very little plot to date, zero action and yet after two episodes I've found myself enjoying it for some unknown reason. Though it is a bit too slow for my tastes both shows have zoomed right by, nothing exciting has happened but then again there's no filler or at least not too much. Do have a feeling the pace will pick up soon but what's keeping me interested is that I came in cold about this show so have no clue what's going to happen next or how it's going to end.
 Hayako is a 34 year old elementary schoolteacher, once again none of the scenes at school took place in her classroom. That's thirty four and still single, in this episode Hayako said what I thought might be the case which is that she's had no serious relationships so far in her life. In the first show we saw a brief scene of Hayako at an omiai her mother had arranged, it went into more detail in this show.
 Hayako's prospective suitor is a man named Tsukishima, he's kind of a stuck up guy yet also a bit daffy. Their omiai went so-so but he called up Hayako a few days later saying he was still interested in getting to know her better. The pair met up in a park, seemed as though Tsukishima wanted to confess something to Hayako, perhaps his love already?

 As you can see in the first pic this drama is taking place in Tachikawa. Just looked it up and it's in the extreme western part of Tokyo, does look like a suburb in the show. We don't really know what Tsukishima wanted to confess to Hayako as she abruptly cut him off and suggested they go for a walk instead of talking. The couple have to cross a short bridge but it was something that Tsukishima said he couldn't do, he was very afraid of bridges and broke down sobbing after taking two steps on it.
 He told Hayako he could understand her not wanting to be with him because of that problem and they parted. A few nights later though Hayako was strolling through the same park when she saw Tsukishima crossing the same bridge, his 'problem' was nothing but a lie to get rid of Hayako. On the bridge he met another woman, Hayako's feeling about the incident are in that bottom screenshot.
 As I said the drama doesn't drag at all and did kind of zoom by even though very little happened. The other major scene happened at Hayako's residence where an impromptu Go-kon occurred with her friend Mika. Mika is sort of Hayako's friend or at least the closest thing she has to one. Hayako had intended to go to the Go-kon and even purchased a new dress for the occasion but backed out at the last moment.

 The Go-kon was a picnic which is a rarity as they usually take place in a pub or restaurant. The picnic was being held just a few blocks from where Hayako lived with her parents. During the Go-kon it started to pour so the group quickly dashed to Hayako's place. Also in the group was another of teacher at Hayako's school, Umeko, plus a friend of Mika's who was Mai. Quick note, Mai is played by Mimi Maihane who is really a cutie in this show, will be checking her out and hopefully there will be some things to post about her.
 Things went well enough at the Go-kon for Mai, Mika and Umeko but not so much for Hayako who once again wasn't asked out for a date. Hayako is an attractive woman but can't get along well with men, she's not too shy but perhaps a bit embarrassed because she's 34 with little romantic experience. Later on in the show Hayako confessed to her married younger sister she does want to get married, however she wouldn't get married just because others want her do but because she's truly in love with someone.
 Her parents overheard the conversation, they had been worried about Hayako staying single forever but what they overheard made them quite happy and they can understand much better why she's still single. One last event in this episode happened near the end and will continue in the next show. There's a new club the four gals have started called 'The Matchmaking Alliance', they're going to help each other find the right mate. Also in that club will be another person from the school but is an older male named Sendagi who is having a problem finding a mate too. There also may be another male member named Sosuke who is a younger teacher but seems to have no problem getting dates.

 These recaps are going to end up being much shorter than the usual ones for dramas. Really not as much happens in these kinds of 'romantic' shows, can't think of any other genre to call it. But it's not a bad thing being a bit slow or it hasn't yet as the characters are all likable and both episodes have seemed to fly right by.
 This series has a total of nine episodes so that doesn't leave Hayako and her club much time to find a partner and so far there's zero possibilities for any of them. Too early to recommend this series but for some strange reason think it's going to turn out all right even though I'm not a fan of these kinds of dramas.  Does help the Nao has the lead in this show as I've really liked her over the years, probably not many fans here though.
 May not be too tough of a role for her as in real life she's about to turn 32, is still single and as far as I know hasn't been serious with anyone which means I may have to get my number to her somehow. Should be back this weekend with the next recap and plenty of screenshots here to help you follow the story a bit better.

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