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Monday, November 28, 2016

Jurina Matsui: "Death Cash" drama episode ten recap and screenshots

 Start Date: July 13, 2016.... aired Wednesday nights at 24:10 on TBS

Main Cast:

Jurina Matsui as Yuka Minami
Shigeyuki Totsugi as Takeshi Wakamoto
Rina Kawaei as Erina Hayashi(died in ep. four)
Kaya Kiyohara as Koyume Minami
Riho Yoshioka as Kazue Hagninomo(died in ep. three)
Shono Hayama as Gen Haitani(died in ep. five)
Yurika Nakamura as Mari Ueno(died in ep. seven)
Toshio Kakei as Taichiro Zaitsu(died in ep. eight)
.... plus many others who were off after one or so episodes....

 Not a drama writer but would think the last episode would be the hardest one to do which is why so many are a disappointment. For the first seven minutes of this 23 minute show thought that would be the case again but it quickly changed directions and turned out to be fitting conclusion.
 The previous show ended off with Wakamoto being held hostage by Takayama, one of two people who survived the death cash curse. He had survived because he was still in love with his former wife Natsuko who was the reason for the curse. The villagers of Egibura had shunned Natsuko and her two children many years before which led to their deaths by starvation.
 This scene didn't go long into this episode as the pair were discovered by Wakamoto's supervisor Iori. At first I thought she was a bad person as she and Wakamoto definitely didn't care for each other but she turned out to be an ally of Wakamoto's and helped him out towards the end. She was also able to prove Wakamoto was innocent of Professor's Zaitsu's murder which was done by Takayama. But the main cliffhanger from the last two shows dealt with Yuka and her sister's rare disease.

 The sole survivor of all the people on the school camping trip where the death cash was found is Yuka. She swore that she would never use the death cash but now that her sister is facing death unless she can get ten million yen for an operation and medicine she has no choice. Ten million yen had been 'delivered' to her at the conclusion of episode nine, Yuka has deposited the cash into a bank and now the operation is on.
 Mysterious things start happening right away once the operation gets underway. First a small bottle falls onto the floor which wasn't noticed by anyone in the operating room. The bottle has a mind of it's own thanks to the curse and starts rolling unnoticed through the halls of the hospital. It somehow was able to change the names of the patients on the electronic board but only for a few seconds.
 It only needed to be changed for a few seconds as Yuka came running by as there was a problem in the operating room. When Yuka looked at the board she took note of the operating room number and ran towards it. Right after the sign changed back to the correct room numbers, it was all a lure to get Yuka to go to an abandoned room.

 Upon entering the room Yuka knew right away something was wrong but before she could escape the room the door was quickly locked. That cursed bottle is unstoppable as it's going around the room knocking things over and managing to loosen screws on shelves which tumble on to Yuka. Yuka is now trapped on the floor with a drill being slowly lowered to her face, looks like she's met her death cash curse.
 Somehow, even though he was corridors away, Wakamoto heard her screams and went running to save Yuka. It was a struggle but eventually Wakamoto was able to pry the door open and save Yuka before the drill was able to do dental work on her. That bottle was still floating around and managed to knock over a table with scalpels on them.
 Those scalpels were headed at tremendous speed towards Yuka but at the last second Wakamoto was able to jump in front of her. But those objects needed a stopping point which was Wakamoto's back, to Yuka's dismay he lay dying in front of her. But how she wondered, Yuka was the one who spent the death cash so shouldn't she have been the one killed?

 Takayama had revealed to Wakamoto there was one way to reverse the curse which was by transferring the money. What Wakamoto had done was go to bank where Yuka had deposited the death cash, he told the officials there the bills may be counterfeit. Wakamoto took the bills but replaced the ten million yen with his own money which meant he was the one who had paid for Koyume's operation.
 Shortly after that confession Wakamoto passes away, the operation went well as Koyume is now back to normal and it seemed there the series would end. Not so as we fast forward three years with Yuka walking to work. She meets up with Koyume who is now a college student and at first we didn't know what the meaning of this short scene was.
 But where Yuka was walking to was the police station as she's now a member of the force, meeting with Wakamoto changed her entire outlook on life. She now also wants to do what she can to help others in need and that may not be too long in happening. In the final few seconds we notice a homeless mother and son starving on the streets. They have zero money but though the death cash curse was supposed to have ended it doesn't look that way. Out of the woman's handbag ten thousand yen bills start to fall out, perhaps a sign of a second season?

 A second season wouldn't be a bad thing, now that Yuka is on the force perhaps she could end up saving another group who are under the curse of death cash. Hope these final two recaps were okay, have truly been so ill these last three days and haven't done any posting because of it so my mind isn't working as well as it could(nothing new).
 Thought the "ON" drama was a bit better but would highly recommend this show. Moved right along, very little filler and remained interesting right up until the end. My final grade for this series is a 9/10, certainly not perfect but can't find any complaints about it. Now the problem is finding another drama that's just as good to watch, the pickings have been a bit slim out there but sure there are a few others.
 Actually there are but the main problem is too often they haven't been subbed, the subs for this drama were done by SKEvolution. Jurina looked so super in this show but to me she always looks that way, she'll have a high spot on my top twenty list which I've been lagging on.

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