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Friday, November 11, 2016

Erika Toda: Few more recent happenings....

 Unfortunately the emphasis is on few but even one new pic of Erika usually has me scrambling to do a post. She's getting close to three hundred posts now and though they've slowed down it's going to be hard for anyone to catch her. Can't really count Nogi posts as it's so easy for members to be included in a post, bet if you add all of their solo ones up it doesn't equal Erika's total.

 Though there are a huge amount of posts bet there's quite a few things I've missed from the period of 2007-2010 which is why her 'from the vault' series was started. Think that needs to be revived so if she still has some fans out there be on the lookout for them, however wish there were more newer things. First set of pis here aren't exactly new but for some unexplainable reason had missed these ultra superb pics which are from the May issue of In Red.

 Erika is currently starring in a drama though it's a very low key show which too many people don't know about. The series is titled "Time Patrol OL" which airs Thursdays at midnight on Fuji-TV.  Bit of a different kind of show for her as it's set in the 25th century, kind of an odd and quirky drama but wouldn't think OL's would be around 400 years from now.

 Think it was the last Erika post that had pics from a LEPSIM promo event, they're a clothing company and the pics here are from their Autumn/Winter collection. May have posted this video but even if it was it deserves an encore and it's a mini movie for LEPSIM. Actually this could be new as the video was released on October 30th.

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