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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jurina Matsui: "Death Cash" drama episode four recap and screenshots

 Start Date: July 13, 2016.... aired Wednesday nights at 24:10 on TBS

Main Cast:

Jurina Matsui as Yuka Minami
Shigeyuki Totsugi as Takeshi Wakamoto
Rina Kawaei as Erina Hayashi(died in ep. four)
Kaya Kiyohara as Koyume Minami
Riho Yoshioka as Kazue Hagninomo(died in ep. three)
Shono Hayama as Gen Haitani
Yurika Nakamura as Mari Ueno
Toshio Kakei as Taichiro Zaitsu
.... plus many others who have or will get killed off after one episode....

 So many deaths already and we're only up to the fourth episode, besides the top two names wonder if anyone in the cast will be left? The next death comes very soon in this show as Erina has received the death cash. That character was played by Rina and it's a shame as I really, really like her and had hoped she'd be around for all ten episodes.

 As you can see there's some special rules for the death cash, to be honest can't recall 100% what they were at the time but it had something to do with receiving the money. With all of the recent deaths Erina had become quite scared and thought she may be the next victim. She went to a fortuneteller who told her she needed to purchase an expensive crystal that would purify and save her.
 But like most of Yuka's(Jurina) friends she didn't have a lot of money, being poor usually summons the death cash. That's what happened to Erina who suddenly came into a lot of money. She was unsure what to do as she realized it was death cash and she may die if she uses it. But then again Erina believed the fortuneteller and used the cash to purchase the crystal, had to be a scam by that teller.
 It was too late but Erina revealed to Yuka what she did which sent Yuka into a panic as she thought Erina should know better. But it's too late now as within a minute or so of telling Yuka what happened Erina's demise came very quickly. Her chair suddenly rolled backwards and as she bumped into a wall a porcelain figure came tumbling down. It hit Erina on the head and she stabbed herself in the throat with the crystal that was supposed to save her life!

 Five down, not too many of Yuka's friends are left but that was the last death for now as there are more coming up after this show. Yuka is now getting a bit worried about herself, what if the death cash is suddenly delivered to her? She wouldn't spend it but who knows what would happen if she came into the possession of the cash, her sister is someone who may spend it if it's around.
 With Detective Wakamoto's help Yuka travels to the village of Eguriba which is where she took the camping trip with her friends. On that trip they had found a burned 10,000 yen note, after that is when all of tragedies started. At the village the pair learn about a possible curse in the village that started thirty years ago, at the time there were 55 residents and now only one has survived.
 All of the deaths have been ruled accidents but Yuka and Wakamoto know better. All of the deaths happened after the villagers burned a lot of money, that note her group found was one that didn't get completely burned. That's all fine but what could the pair do with this information, even the one survivor refused to talk with them so it appears she didn't use any of that death cash.


 'Shichiri' is like a community fund where you donate money for a possible future emergency such as medical expenses or losing your job. The villagers had a shichiri fund and it was used to bail out people in the village but once they spent it death came to them. That money may be the root of the death cash curse but what does it have to do with the current events that are taking place now?
 That's the mystery which Yuka and Wakamoto have to work out, even if they find out the answer there may be none of her friends left to save at the rate they're dropping. As mentioned above there was only one death this show but there's a cliffhanger to end off this show which may or probably will lead to the sixth death.
 One friend of Yuka's that hasn't been mentioned is Haitani, he's also a student and a very intelligent one. He plays the stock market quite often and is really making a killing at it as playing the market comes way too easy for him. His professor tells him losing money is a good way to learn more about the market, Haitani takes his advice as he buys some bad stocks which make him lose quite a bit.
 He seems happy about this as he did learn a bit how the market moves up and down, however now he's short on cash. There's no such thing as being short on money when there's death cash floating around and shortly after his stock market losses Haitani receives a package. In the package is quite a bit of money, don't know the total but it is a huge amount. That's where the episode ended, all signs point to Haitani being the next death cash victim.

 Not a strong year for J-dramas but lately have found some really fine shows, especially these darker late night series. To date the "ON" drama has been my fave for this year but if this show continues at this pace for the rest of the episodes then it has a shot to take over the top spot.
 Don't know if it's going to happen but will try to finish this up by the weekend, these kinds of dramas are better when you view the episodes all in a row. That means will also be trying to do all of the recaps by this weekend, lot of them to do but with interesting shows like this it's never a pain and those who also review dramas know what I mean.

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