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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sakura Miyawaki: 2016 magazine scans #5

 Have said it before and will probably say it again but Sakura will probably look like she's 15 when she turns 25, that face of her never seems to age. Hitting the age of 25 won't be happening for a while as Sakura won't be turning 19 until March but she's already been a member of HKT for five years.
 Speaking of HKT their eighth single "Saiko Kayo" was released on September 7th, of course it hit #1 on the charts selling about 269,000 copies it's first week. Total sales are currently about 332,000 and they are one consistent selling group as every single has sold between 292-345,000 copies.

 If episode four gets subbed within the next few days will be reviewing that along with the third episode of the " Cabasuka Gakuen" drama this weekend. It's actually the sixth season of 'Majisuka Gakuen' but instead of a school it's set in a hostess club, recapped the first two episodes which were quite good. Sakura has the co-lead in the series with Jurina, if the subs aren't done will do a few more posts for Jurina's "Death Cash" drama which is surprisingly very good.

 Been a huge slowdown on Sakura mag spreads these last few months, actually for a good portion of the year as this is only the fifth post for them. Have two today with the first being from the October issue of EX-Taishu.

 This may be Sakura's finest spread to date as these pics are way more than A-OK, other spread for today is from the December edition of Bomb.

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