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Friday, November 4, 2016

Nogizaka46: "Nogizaka Under Construction" episode 78 part two

 Nanami hasn't appeared on any of the 'NOGIBINGO' shows yet, four have been aired. Would think she will have to be on the show a few times and perhaps they'll also have a show devoted to Nanami. This is season seven for the show and it'll be ending just before X-Mas so unless an eighth season starts up early in 2017 we'll soon never see her on any more BINGO! shows.
 Second half of this episode wasn't subbed so it won't be a long recap but did take plenty of screenshots. Nanami hails from Hokkaido and in this show five members joined her on a short trip to the island. The trip was called '16th Single Campaign', thought they would be promoting the single. That wasn't the case as Nanami showed the members some of the spots she enjoys on the island. Seems as though there was a time limit for each activity and it was a bit too rushed.

 The six stopped at three spots, first was Nanami's fave ice cream joint which was called 'Clover Ice Cream Shack'. Above screenshot shows who joined Nanami on the short trip, those five from left to right are Erika, Sayuri, Manatsu, Minami and Rina. Just three members were able to sample the ice cream as they drew cards to see who would do an activity, winners who won the chance to try Nanami's fave ice cream were Sayuri, Manatsu and Rina.
 Sayuri and Manatsu also won the next round which was taking a spin on an ATV, the activities weren't too exciting but that ATV riding wasn't too bad. Final stop was at a sheep farm where Minami fed a sheep and naturally was scared, are they violent at all? Don't think so as Nanami had no problems feeding them.
 That was it for the trip, it ended up just being so-so but think it would have been much better if a whole episode was devoted to a trip like that. The segment was just twelve minutes but a few of them were spent talking about the trip in the studio so that trip was condensed to less than ten minutes. Considering this show wasn't subbed did an okay job(for me) at recapping it, perhaps I should try doing these kinds of unsubbed shows more as variety ones are much easier than dramas. Then again it was a short show, if the '16th Single Campaign' continues on this Sunday's show then will take another stab at posting about the show.

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