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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nogizaka46: 'Nogizaka Singles Series' #7- "Barette"

 Will try to keep this a bit shorter than the other posts for this singles series, some of them have been so incredibly long. But there was also many other activities for the group during this period in late 2013 so want to devote a few posts devoted to those happenings such as their 2013 X-Mas concert.

 Above is the Senbatsu lineup for the single, as you can see Miona was the center for it and it was her first single with the group. Think that may have irritated a few fans as when she joined Nogi she was put directly into the center position while many fans thought that a long term member deserved it but I didn't see any problem with the decision. Hard to say which Nogi A-side is my fave, this was for a long time but it seems singles six through nine have all occupied my top spot at one time or another.
 "Barrette" was released on November 27, 2013 it set a new group record for sales. "Girls Rule" had sold 337,000 copies in it's first week while this easily beat that mark selling 395,000 in it's first week. The only problem with the release date as it was so late in the year to make the top ten list for most copies sold but it was the 14th best selling single even though it was only out for five weeks in 2013. Here are the covers for the single, it was also the theme song for the "Naruto: Shippuuden" anime.

 Didn't seem as there were as many cards for the single but there are still plenty for you to enjoy.

 For these posts have been looking at the group's activities about a month before and after the single's release. Mentioned the other day about how the group doesn't seem to do as many 'fun activities' as they once did for events like Halloween, perhaps that's because their popularity is just so huge these days, Month before the single came out the group appeared at Hyde's 'Vamp Halloween' show.

 The single came in November but in October the group released their first photobook "Nogizaka Ha", pics here are from a fan signing event for the PB.

 Sure everyone wants mag spreads and have a few of them here though there were more of them. First off is the trio of Mai, Reika and Sayuri from the December 27th issue of Young Animal.

 This is one of Nanase's first solo spreads and looking rather superb in this set from WPB #49.

 At the end of November there was a special Nikkei Entertainment issue released that was titled "Next Major Idol". Most of the Nogi members were in the issue but won't post all of them but do have ten members, first five in the set feature Nanase, Mai, Nanami, Misa and Kazumi.

 Leading off the second set of five is the now departed Mai F. and following her is Himeka, Marika, Manatsu and the single's center Miona.

 Even three years ago Mai was seemingly everywhere, two days after the single's release she was at a special 'Samantha Thavasa' early X-mas party.

 Think it may have been shorter than some of the other posts in this series but probably not by much. As I mentioned above "Barrette" was for a long time my fave Nogi single and it still may be.The B-sides were okay but not nearly as good as the ones on their two previous singles. Enjoy when the group does their tunes live versus the PV's so here they are live doing the tune.

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