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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nogizaka46: 'NOGIBINGO!' season seven episode six recap and screenshots

 Wasn't planning on posting so many episodes for season seven but it just kind of happened, for now on will just do a post for the 'good shows'. That's because this season has really slipped and to be honest it's become unbelievably boring. 😢 I try not to post in a negative way though it does happen on occasion but mainly with dramas. However won't give up as the only place the show can go is up so will be continuing the watch and will do more recaps for the better shows.
 Would imagine a lot of other variety shows have stretches like this one is in, could be difficult to keep coming up with interesting topics for the shows. The theme for this episode was 'Nogi Dolls', they also had a show like this one in the fifth season. Five members dressed up as a doll and had an owner in a few short segments.

 As you can see the dolls from top to bottom were Mai, Asuka, Manatsu, Sayuri and Marika. Mai and Marika did passable performances being a doll, the others were so-so along with their owners. The segments were mainly about the owners of the dolls trying to talk with them, kind of hard to explain but it's really what brought this show down.
 Seems like the same members have been participating in the shows, the episodes may be much better if Kazumi, Hinako and Ami were featured more as those three over the years have been the most fun members to watch. 😍 The show wasn't a competition on who was the best doll but it ended up in a contest as the gals tried their hand(feet) at jumping rope in their doll costumes. They did an okay job at that and in the final the two remaining members managed to skip the rope 79 times before someone slipped up, the winner is in the bottom screenshot.

 At first was glad the Misa was going to be the assistant MC for the show, not so glad now. That's because her role in the show is so small and wish we saw much more of her, perhaps that's another reason for me not being too fond of this season.
 But as I mentioned won't give up the ship and will continue viewing this show, if there's a post next week then you know there was a big improvement. Still waiting for the first appearance from Nanami, have no clue why she's been in zero shows.

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