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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Yui Aragaki: "Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu" drama episode three recap with screenshots

 Start Date: October 11, 2016 airs at 10:00 pm on TBS

Main Cast:

Yui Aragaki as Miyuri Moriyama
Gen Hoshino as Hiramasa Tsuzaki
Yuriko Ishida as Yuri Tsuchiya
Takashi Ukaji as Tochio Moriyama
Yasuka Tomita as Sakura Moriyama
Ryohei Otani as Ryota Kazami
Arata Furata as Yoritsuna Numata
Takashi Fujii as Hideshi Hino
Erina Mano as Yasue Tanaka

 Had planned on doing back to back recap posts for the this and the fourth episode but unfortunately that one hasn't been subbed yet. Didn't want to fall too far behind so hence this post for an episode that was just so-so after two solid shows. It ended on an interesting cliffhanger and have skimmed through the next episode which may be the best one yet.
 Married life can probably be a bit boring at times. not talking from experience on that. Though it's a 'contract/sham marriage' Miyuri and Hiramasa have hit the boredom or frustration stage after only living together for about a month. Hiramasa has become a bit quiet towards Miyuri, to me the main reason is that he's falling for her and Miyuri us going through the same thing but neither will talk about their emotions.
 Even asking Hiramasa if she could buy a new rice cooker was a challenge for Miyuri, he kind of mumbles to her to do whatever she wants. Shortly before the purchase of the new rice cooker which Miyuri really wanted Hirasama drops a bombshell on her. She's been sleeping on a futon on the living room, their not sleeping together has almost exposed their secret to his co-workers.

 Hirasama thinks the pair should move into a two bedroom apartment, 2LDK, they soon begin checking places out. But there's always something wrong with each apartment to Hirasama, too far from the station, the rent's too high, etc. There is a reason for Hirasama's grumblings which pop up a few times during the show.
 Hirasama has zero confidence about himself when it comes to women. The sham marriage took his parents by surprise as they figured he would remain single for his entire life. He's become very jealous of of Miyuri as she is getting along so well with Kasami who is one of his co-workers. Those reasons have been why Hirasama has been so down and hard to get along with, seems as though Miyuri hasn't been able to detect his jealous feelings.
 The pair end up going out on an outing once again with Hirasama's co-workers Kazami and Numata, this time they're joined by Miyuri's aunt Yuri. It's a bit uncomfortable for Hirasama as Miyuri and Kasami seem to get along so well and she's constantly praising him. The couple tell everyone they're looking for a new apartment but it has to be one with two bedrooms. Naturally the others are wondering why a married couple would need two bedrooms but the issue manages to blow over thanks to Numata of all people. In episode two he deduced the pair's marriage is a sham after visiting their apartment, there's something fishy about him sticking up for Hiramasa and Miyuri.

Yuri had offered a two bedroom apartment for them but Hiramasa declined and we'll soon find out why. However Kasami was looking for a bigger place and takes up Yuri's offer though the pair are a bit cold towards each other, have a feeling those two will soon become an item. The outing was a grape picking one and the fivesome ended up at a grape orchard(?) to begin picking.
 Hirasama was still noticing how well Miyuri and Kasami got along and went his own way after a while. Miyuri caught up with him and they finally had a heart to heart talk. It wasn't a long talk but the right things were said as Hirasama admitted the insecurities he has around women. That didn't seem to bother Miyuri at all, she did confess to him that she does like Kasami but only as a person and likes Hirasama so much more.
 That short talk seemed to clear the air and now the couple have put their moving plans on hold though it was something Hirasama had decided a few days before. But there was one more major event that was about to happen, it took place right at the end of the show so guess we can consider it a cliffhanger.

 Kasami had confronted Hirasama at their office and said something which will change the course of this series. He told Hirasama that he knew for sure the marriage was a contract one which left Hirasama looking more scared then a victim in a horror film. We don't know what was said after between the two but hours later Kasami runs into Miyuri.
 The scene was only for about thirty seconds, you can see two of the screenshots above. Kasami told Miyuri that he had a talk with Hirasama and let her know too that he knew the marriage was a sham. At first Miyuri didn't know how to respond and even less after the news Kasami related to her. Somehow Kasami had convinced Hirasama to 'share'  Miyuri with him, to do his cleaning, cooking and other things in his new apartment. If the answer was no then he would reveal their secret to everyone, though we didn't see it have to presume Hirasama gave in.
 And that's what the episode ended off with, didn't see that coming at all and not sure what evidence Kasami has that it's a fake marriage. How everything is going to work out won't be revealed until the next episode which I've skimmed though and it looks so much better than this one.

 It certainly wasn't a bad episode but not as interesting or as fun as the first two shows. Next episode looks to be the best of the bunch, actually this was an okay show for the last twenty minutes as the first half seemed to drag by. As soon as the fourth episode is subbed will be back with that recap.
 Ratings for the show have been solid for the last two episodes. After starting of with a rating of 10.3% it's risen to 12.3 and 12.5% and usually the ratings for dramas are the opposite with them falling and not rising.

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