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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nogizaka46: 'NOGIBINGO!' season seven episode four recap and screenshots

 The opening credits feature the Senbatsu members, none of the members in that first screenshot made an appearance in this show. Through four episodes Nanami hasn't been on it once, neither have Reika and Yumi though being in a play may be their excuse. But was trying to think who else hasn't been on an episode yet, if my mind remembers all of the shows then I'm fairly sure Marika, Sayuri I. and Ayane haven't made an appearance either and there could be a few more. However all have been showing up for "Nogi Under Construction" so have no clue why they don't appear on BINGO!

 Seeing as how this show aired on October 31st or just after midnight wouldn't you have thought the theme would have been about Halloween? So much for thinking as that wasn't the case but the theme for this show was a good one which was 'Part Time Job Tour'. Few of the members tried their hand at real work, except for Miona it's a good thing they have a different line of work.
 Misa was sort of the first member to do her 'wish job' which was to be a bus tour guide as the group took a ride on a bus around Tokyo do go to their jobs. Misa could be my tour guide for any place on Earth but preferably her residence.

 I realize it's sometimes difficult to read those screenshots, it doesn't matter what color I make the fonts as the Japanese dialogue make it so hard to read at times. Back to the 'jobs' theme, Hinako had the next selection and she wanted to work at a Baskin Robbins as she loves ice cream so much. However the problem for her is that when she worked she had to serve and not eat it though she was caught sneaking a bite. No regular customers in this segment, group is probably too big to ask people of the street to be in the show. So Miria who really livens this show up was the customer.

 As you can see by the second screenshot there were also two other members who became ice cream clerks for a spell. Minami gave new meaning to the word inept as she really flubbed her turn serving a customer who was Sayuri, Minami doesn't appear to be the brightest of gals and not just from this short segment.
 Third member who took a spin behind the counter was Miona who did an excellent job serving Himeka. So good that the Baskin Robbins manager gave her first place in the competition. Miona had admitted before joining  Nogi she had worked in a sushi shop making a little over 800 yen an hour.

 A show being only a bit over twenty minutes meant that there wouldn't be a lot of part time job competitions so there was just one more and Erika had the choice. She said she always wanted to work as an attendant at a gas station, she loves the way clerks act around customers and wanted to try it once.
 Mahiro also said that she wished for a while to do a job like that, Kazumi was sort of drafted to be the third member. The bus took a trip to a station in Adachi, once again a member was chosen as a customer who was Manatsu who actually drove up to the station. Don't know the numbers but always thought it's a fairly high percentage of Idols who have never learned how to drive.

 After watching the station manager take care of a customer the trio jumped right in to take care of Manatsu. They filled her tank, washed her windows and checked out her windshield washing fluid. They did an okay job considering they've never done something like that before, much better job then the ice cream clerks. Winner for this round was Erika who constantly had a smile on her face doing her job, smile like the one she had is like the one we have viewing her pics.

 And that brought us to the end of the show. After the segments there's always a short version of 'Nogi Room' but never post about those short segments as they're not even two minutes long. Hulu runs a longer version of 'NOGIBINGO' where the 'Nogi Room' segment is about eight minutes long and is usually a fun watch though the Hulu versions are never subbed.
 Solid episode and if the show was a bit longer then it would have been the best one for this season, so far all have been enjoyable watches but can't ever recall watching one that wasn't. Thanks again to Good Enough subs who do the subs very quickly, wish ones that do dramas would be as fast. Will be back this time next week to recap the fifth episode and here are plenty of more screenshots.

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