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Friday, November 25, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 Magazine scans #76- WPB

 Kind of shocking news to me as Asuka will be the next member to have her own solo photobook. Title of it is "Shiosai" and it will be released on January 27th. Nothing against her but think so many other members are more deserving and just think it's going to be a boring book as Asuka is nothing close to a swimsuit model. Then again many may have thought that about Erika but we were all wrong as her first PB from earlier this year was so superb. Above are two promo pics from the book and here's two more.

 Nogi set a group record for sales as single #16 "Sayonara no Imi" sold a bit over 827,000 copies in it's first week and naturally ranked #1 on the Oricon charts. Second week sales were 38,500 which brings the overall total to 866,000 copies sold which I think already makes it their highest seller. Going to need a lot of staying power to hit seven figures but it's not out of the question.
 Have quite a few other mag spreads and will get to them tomorrow but this post is just dedicated to the new issue of WPB. For some odd reason it has a date of December 30th so obviously it's a special issue and most of the spreads can be considered specials as they have titles to them. Quite a few members are included in the mag and will separate all of the sets. Am holding one of them back as there may be another solo post or two this weekend but there's still about 40 pics in all.

 Someone asked a few days ago why Nanase wasn't going to be included in my top twenty list. Kind of hard not including her and other members but did do that 'Nogi Top Ten' list a while back so hopefully that may make up for her and others exclusion. What I may do is have a 'Nogi spot' on the list and include a few members in that position which will probably be between 10-12. More I think about the more sense it makes, on with the WPB pics with these featuring Nanase and Rina.

 Mai and Misa were in another pictorial earlier this year which was one of the best group pairings to date. Well they've somehow topped that previous set, let your(my) imagination run wild....

 Been many months since we've seen Captain Reika in a mag as she has a short set from this WPB special mag, following her is a trio of members.

 Final pairing from this WPB features Kazumi and another we haven't seen for a while who is Yumi.


  1. This post is a blessing. Nanami, Mai- Misa, Reika, Kazumi- Yumi. Too much.

    Asuka is popular with young women and teenage girls a lot of whom buy these photobooks(even KojiHaru's PB buyer demographic had an unexpectedly large female share). She'll most likely sell more than Kazumi.

    Would you do a post on Yumemiru Adolescence(like their music videos and the line up reminds me a bit of C-ute) and AKB's Yamaguchi Maho(very beautiful in recent MV "AKB-Happy End")?

  2. world needs more sakurai mags. i neeeeeeeeeed moarrr