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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yuko Oshima: A lot of a little(?)....

 Wonder if Yuko's at the stage in her acting career where she doesn't need to do any more incredible spreads? Hope not as you don't need the five fingers on your hand to count how many in the world top her, actually you may need only one finger! Yuko is about to hit post #100 here but had thought that milestone would have been hit many months ago, for the most part it's been a slow year for her. She does have one film scheduled for next year but no news on any upcoming dramas.

Yuko's next film is coming out in nine days and is titled "Shippu Rondo", more info on it below and that's the poster for it above. There's been many mag spreads recently but except for one all have been way too small at one or two pages. First of two new mag spreads is one promoting the film along with the rest of the cast and these pics are from the December issue of Flix.

 Solo set this time and a much bigger spread from the November 17th Hot Dog Press.

 Sure there will be a lot of promoting for the film in the next week, with her co-star Abe on Wednesday's 'Tokio' show.

 Think the "Shippu Rondo" movie is a serious one yet also a bit goofy. The main story is of a biological bomb stolen from a lab, Japan is held hostage until they pay a 300 million yen ransom which doesn't sound like a lot of money.
 There was a huge promo event for the film held on November 17th in Tokyo, the film's official release date is the 26th. Looks snowy but that's just special effects as much of the film is set in the mountains, Yuko is supposedly a very good skier and snowboarder. Many pics here from the event but no video or at least not yet but positive there will be one for the premiere so instead have the film's trailer following the pics.

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