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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves list for 2016' #20....?

 Finally getting around to starting the countdown, wasn't too hard determining the top twenty but it is quite difficult selecting what position they should be in. Sure I'll say a few times that so and so should have been a bit higher but then that would mean at least one selection above would need to drop. Will attempt to do one of these every other day as there's twenty on the list and 39 days left so a few back to back days will happen as I'd like to get this done by December 30th.
 Don't know if anyone is surprised by this first choice but you shouldn't be as if you've read her posts then you know that Satomi is one of my big faves. She just barely missed last year's top ten list and that almost happened again for this list as if you think about it how many thousands of actresses, celebs, Idols and singers are active? Too many to count so the #20 spot is a huge achievement.

 When I started getting into dramas and films Satomi was one of my early faves as some of the first dramas I viewed were her "H2" and "Ns. Aoi" shows. Satomi's dramas are usually quite good but many of her films are only so-so though "Sadako 3-D" and "The Incite Mill" were both quite good. Her current drama is "Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko" which is a fine series but to date only two episodes have been subbed. So been holding back on the recaps for the show because of that but if they ever do get finished then will review the whole series.

 It's nice to have a few gals on this list who are a bit conservative like Satomi and there are a few more actresses like her who have made the final cut. Not sure if Satomi has the right body to be a gravure Idol but to me her body and face are absolutely A-OK and not many top her as you may know. Some of these posts won't have many new things but this one does, actually could have been a regular post for her. There's two new mag spreads with the first being from the December Spring.

 Another spread from December which is from Voce.

 The other newish thing are some pics from an interview Satomi that came out on October 20th for the Mery website.

 Just about at the end of this first top twenty post, some will be small(though never less than 35 pics) while if there's many new things they may end up being massive. Satomi does have a lot of fans here as her posts seem to attract a lot of views so sure many probably agree with her making this list. To end off here's some fabulous pics from over the years. After them is a video that came out in February for Meiji, it's a CM she did for them and there's also has a behind the scenes segment.

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