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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fumika Baba: Magazine scans #5

 Though I just started posting about Fumika a few months ago she's already close to becoming the most popular gal here as she has many more fans than I imagined. Those fans will certainly be overjoyed with the news that Fumika will be releasing her first photobook, no doubt it will be the #1 PB of the year. It's coming out on December 2nd and is titled "Iroppoyo" and those two above pics are some promo ones for it.
 Besides that fantastic news Fumika's calendar for 2017 was just released and on November 19th she held a fan signing session for it. Pics here are from the event and the bottom two are from the calendar, no video is out for it yet as the release event just happened a few hours ago,

 On to what everyone wants to view which of course are some ultra fabulous new Fumika mag spreads. Starting off with two smaller sets which are from WPB, three pics from issue #45 while the other four are from #48.

 As you can see some of those above pics are promoting the upcoming photobook. Two spreads from Flash with the first being the best of today's sets and is from their October 28th edition.

 Hard to call any spread better than any other one as they're all certainly jaw-dropping. Last set of tremendous Fumika pics for today is from the November 15th issue of Flash.


  1. fumika is beyond perfect. sweetest face, stunning body. probably my no 2 ever

  2. Beyond perfect is something I have said about a few of my faves and you're certainly right in your assessment of Fumika. Now the question is if she's just your #2 forever who tops her....

  3. My Me, Maimii, Mai-chan, Umaimi, Maimi Yajima, soon to be Maimi Le- Yajima. Only woman whose smile I desperately feel the need to protect(apart from friends and family ofc)

  4. Can't understand why Maimi isn't near the top of more people's list, wonder how much more popular she would have been as a member of AKB?
    Been trying to work on my first 'Top Ten Idols' list, for sure Maimi will be competing for that top spot. What I can't decide is what to do with gals like Fumika, she is an Idol in a way but as a gravure one along with a few others who would make my top ten. So confusing so wondering if I should just make a top 20 list that would include everyone whether you're an actress, gravure model, Idol, etc?

  5. A lot of Japanese comedians seem to like her(that one dude with the loud voice in the comedy trio) and she used to rank with actresses in polls like "Who do you want your sweetheart to be?", I think she's among the highest paid idols right now. Not entirely sure though.

    I'd go with a top ten actresses, top ten idols, top ten gravure list. In case you don't have enough gravure girls, combining with the idol list would probably be okay and extending to top 15 or so.

  6. You'll probably see the post as I decided to do a top twenty list. Just thought it'd be easier having one list and just want to have the 'best of the best' comprise the list.