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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cabasuka Gakuen drama: episode one recap and info

 Think it's going to take longer listing all of the cast members than it will be doing the recap. Have left a few characters out due to space but for the most part these are the major ones. The series started on October 29th and airs on NTV, two episodes air every weekend and air time is 12:55 am.

 Jurina Matsui as Center/Kurage.... means jellyfish in Japanese
Sakura Miyawaki as Sakura/Same.... means shark 
Yui Yokoyama as Otabe/Maguro.... means tuna
Haruka Kodama as Katsuzetsu/Tai.... sea bream
Yuria Kizaki as Magic/Saba.... mackerel
Nana Okada as Zombie/Karei
Ryoka Oshima as Kusogaki/Ankou
Juri Takahashi as Uonome/Iwashi

It could take all night to list them all so what I'll do is add a few characters with each recap, way too many to keep track of!

 As you can Nanase is in this drama though we only saw her for a minute at the beginning of the first episode and don't even know her character's name yet. She was in the opening scene and confronted four older teen gals and proceeded to pummel them. Then she went on her merry way and we haven't seen her again but 100% positive we will.
 Though the title is a bit different it is the sixth season of "Majisuka Gakuen". Have watched the first four seasons, first one gets a grade of an A, the others were solid but didn't compare to that first season. Watched the first two shows of the fifth season and couldn't get into it, seems most fans think it's the worst of all of the seasons so perhaps this is why the story changed. Could have changed too because of their ages, everyone in the series is at least 18 while most are in their twenties.

 That surprise development is that Majijo high school is about to close due to lack of funds as the company that owns the school(?) is bankrupt. Sakura, who retains her real name, is now the head Rappapa at the school and refuses to let it close. However at 18 what can she and her comrades do to make money? After a talk with the inept principal an idea popped into her head which was to start their own business.
 Kind of an impossible thing for them to do but through the principal the students met a man named Saionji once they settled on being hostesses though they knew zero about the business. Sainoji will set up their own club and run everything, he's quite a sleazy guy. Him and Sakura have an arrangement, if the club is successful enough to keep the school open then she has to sleep with him, she said yes as she'll do anything to keep the school open.
 Don't think anyone is still a student because of their ages yet Sakura says she's dropping out. Yui who plays Otabe has been in the series since the second season, hard to believe she's still be school. It's all arranged for the gals to have their own hostess club which must cost a pretty penny to open, no present date was given but the club will be opening up on October 21st.

 The gals have a quick training session, couldn't have lasted more than an hour or so. Saionji runs the club but the floor manager is an older gent named Satoshi and he tells them to call him Black Suit. Can't say the short training was going well as the girls are really tough physically and with their mouths but there was a savior for them.
 That's Center who we all know from the other five seasons. She now goes by the name of Kurage and has been a hostess since graduating, one of the few students who have done that. Kurage isn't just an ordinary hostess as she's extremely popular and has been voted the #1 hostess for three years in a row. She's quit her other club and will be training/working at the new club as her and Saionji have a bit of a history. Like Sakura she made a bet with Saionji and lost which means she had to sleep with him.
 The hostess club is going to be called 'Aquarium' which baffles the girls. One rule that hostesses have is that they don;t use their real names, Saionji considers them little fish due to their ages so hence the club name. As far as the gal's names go he's changed them to reflect the theme of the club so they now all have names that pertain to fish. Didn't write them all down, needed to with so many characters, but some of their new names are Fugu(blowfish), Maguro(tuna) and so on. Center's name has changed twice, now she's known as Kurage which means jellyfish.

 These episodes are 23 minutes long so naturally there won't be as many events in a show and with their names changes along with Kurage joining the girls the first show came to an end. So far so good as this was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. What helps is that it's all of the older members from AKB, HKT, NMB and SKE. The last three group's members tend to be older but AKB has gotten too young for me these last few years and don't follow them like I once did.
 However all of their older members are in this drama though the real real older ones such as Yuki aren't but perhaps they'll be making a guest appearance. This may be the first review of this drama as I couldn't find any or at least in English nor could I find a complete cast list so was jotting down notes as fast as possible. Not sure of the schedule but it may air episodes back to back which means two more shows are airing this weekend.
 You can see who the subbers are in the upper left hand corner and they said the whole series will be done. In that case will try to do episodes three and four later on next week, have watched the second show and the recap for that is in the next post. As mentioned a show is only 23 minutes but took so, so many screenshots and some of the members truly look better than superb.

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