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Monday, October 2, 2017

C-ute: Maimi Yajima "Alo-Hello! C-ute 2" DVD screenshots and other news....

 Have to love that comment you see above in the video! Think the 'C-ute Singles Series' can go on for a while longer, there's a few singles which were skipped over plus there's a few terrific B-sides and that's what today's song is.
 "Adam to Eve no Dilemma" was the B-side to "Kanashiki Amefuri" which was released on July 10, 2013. Haven't done a post for that song yet which was an okay tune but to me it wasn't quite up to the standards of other C-ute A-sides. This song though made up for it as it's one of their better non hits and up until the end it was usually performed in concert while the A-side rarely was sang at shows.
 The single was surprisingly one of their bigger sellers as it reached #4 on the charts and sold close to 61,000 copies in it's first week which was a much higher total than some of C-ute's classics. The group always had a mini concert the day the single is released but it didn't happen for this one. That's because the gals were in Paris for the Japan Expo and they've traveled there three times for shows, may do a post for that event too.

 Sure some of my wording will be off or won't make sense but sure you'll all know what I mean. That wording is why isn't Maimi considered one of the most beautiful women in the world or at least in Japan? Granted she's not my #1 fave, even for C-ute, but in all honesty can't think of a more attractive female in the world.
 Have thought on a few occasions to have a comparison post versus Mai Shiraishi who so many think is the top beauty in Japan these days.There's no denying how stunning she us and I've said it too many times to count also but really think she's edged out by Maimi. The pair do look a bit similar plus both were born in 1992 with Maimi being older by six months.

 As is the case too many times it's not the best who are the most popular or sell the biggest amount of singles, just ask C-ute as no group has topped their tunes since 2010. Realize I'm not in the majority but think there are many who may agree with me, while C-ute posts aren't so popular here the ones for Maimi are. Odds are against it but wouldn't mind seeing Maimi take the top spot on this year's 'Top Twenty Faves' list, last year she was #6 but all time she is knocking at the door for number one.

 Maimi has been somewhat busy since C-ute broke up almost four months ago. She's still hosting her Saturday night radio show though she had to change the title of it. On October 23rd and 24th Maimi will have her first two performances since the disbandment. They shows will be part of Hello Project's 20th anniversary and she'll be performing two shows each night.
 Maimi will have a small band backing her and would think almost all of the tunes will be some unforgettable ones from C-ute, probably some old H!P tunes too. The shows will take place at the Cotton Club, tickets range from about $57 to $87, for those prices hope you at least get to meet her.

 That's a new promo pic Maimi has been using for her upcoming events. Another musical happening is that she'll be doing a song with Iseki, don't know him at all though he used to be in the group Kimaguren. On October 25th he'll be releasing his third solo album, most of the album consists of classic masterpieces he loves. But there will be a few new tunes and one will be with Maimi which is titled "Town". Think she had a hand in writing the lyrics, the PV isn't out yet but there will be one for the song and Maimi will be featured in it.

 Posted the above song in Tomoko's last post, the quartet sings the theme song for the travel show "Furusato no Yume". Saki is one of the above singers and she's also the co-host of the show with Maimi. The pair travel around Japan, stopping at tourist spots and eating the local delicacies. Have seen a few of the shows which are kind of interesting but don't think they'd make for good posts.
 The show usually airs Sundays on TBS but this week Wednesday will be the day it's airing as it's special show as our fave duo went to Nashville. Why now C-ute fans wonder, the group never once performed a show in America. May do a post then for that show, doubt if they did it but would have been fun to see them show up at a country music club and start singing C-ute songs.

 Maimi now also has an Ameba blog, with their breakup C-ute's is now no longer active. It's an okay blog, the info she gives us is quite good for us fans though the pics won't get a high grade. and as of now Maimi doesn't have a Twitter or Instagram accounts.

 Did one post last week for you-know-who from the 2012 C-ute DVD "Alo-Hello! C-ute 2". It's a 58 minutes video and it was quite good, hard to go wrong with Idols in bikinis at a pool or by the seaside. Also have the third in the series which came out in 2014, this was was released in 2012 and will post some screenshots from it soon though that one is only about 28 minutes long.
 Don't need to tell you how magnificent Maimi's screenshots are here, lately it seems I've become even more smitten than ever with her. However Maimi's solo DVD's are better and can be considered classics, she has over ten of them and have seen them all with the total views well over a hundred. Have a promo video below for her "Ways" DVD below which was released in December 2014.

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