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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lee Yeon-Hee: "Reunited Worlds" drama episodes seven and eight recaps

 Air Dates: July 19th to September 21st on SBS. Two episodes air at 10:00 pm 
Wednesdays and Thursdays
Ratings for the two episodes- 7.2% and 8.0%

Main Cast:

Lee Yeon-Hee as Jung Jung-Won.... 30 years old
Jung Chae-Young as Jung Jung-Won.... 18 years old
Yeo Jin-Goo as Sung Hae-Sung
Ahn Jae-Hyeon as Cha Min-Joon
Lee Si-Un as Shin Ho-Bang
Park Jin-Joo as Hong Jin-Joo
Kin Jin-Woo as Cha Tae-Hoon
Yoon Sun Woo as Sung Young-Chin
Kwak Dong Yun as Sung Hae-Chul
Kim Ga-Eun as Sung Young-In
Ahn Kil-Kang as Ahn Tae-Bok

 Though I'm really enjoying this series have to admit the pace has slowed way down and there weren't too many new developments in these two episodes. However the shows are just 28-32 minutes long so to date it's never dragged or become boring. There are forty episodes so as in the case for most dramas there will be slower periods but think that the action will be picking back up soon.

 Not much of a cliffhanger coming into the seventh episode. The previous show had ended with
Jung-Won in a small embrace with her boss Cha, an embrace that was viewed secretly by Hae-Sung. It was just an innocent event which blew over quickly as Cha was only helping ease Jung-Won's pain of seeing her hated mother for the first time in twelve years.
 Currently Hae-Sung is still spending his nights at Jung-Won's small apartment, it's been a platonic relationship as he's sleeping on the couch. If any of the names or things I'm discussing are a bit confusing may be a good idea to read some of the other posts as all of the episodes have been recapped up until now.
 There is a mystery which wasn't discussed at all in these two shows except for the first few minutes of the first one. That's about the night of Hae-Sung's death, with the help of hos old friend now police officer Shin he's been slowly putting the events of that night in order. One enigma is about his younger brother Young-Jun who wasn't at home when the accident took place. The police report had said that Jung-Won stated that he was home at the time of the accident. But now it comes out that she reported the opposite, was there some sort of cover up at the time?

 Hae-Sung has tracked down his two younger brothers, Young-Jun is a doctor who refuses to believe Hae-Sung came back to life and wants nothing to do with him. More on his other brother Hae-Chul at the end of the post as we only saw him in the eighth episode. Now it's time to find out where his sister Young-In is and she's eight years younger.
 Hae-Sung was going to ask his old friend Tae-Hoon for help locating his sister which turned out to be an easy chore. Hae-Toon is the VP of a large department store and it just so happens that she's a clerk in one of the departments. May have to say was a clerk as she was involved in an incident which sent her to the hospital.
 Young-In was being used by a married man though she's so naive she didn't know she was being used and thought he was in love with her. That wasn't the case and the man's wife had confronted Young-In at the store, somehow the incident made her pass out and she was sent to the hospital.

 Young-In was visited in the hospital by Hae-Sung but she thought it was just another dream she was having about him. He did learn about how Young-In was being used by this man who had conned her out much of her money and she was quite poor to begin with. With that info Hae-Sung took his leave and headed to the small coffee shop the unnamed man owned.
 There's another unnamed man and I'll refer to him as MM for mysterious man until we learn his real identity. We've met MM on two occasions and we know very little about him except that he's also returned from the grave and has much stronger powers than Hae-Sung does.
 Before Hae-Sung can do any damage to the coffee shop and owner MM stops him and the two have a talk. Hae-Sung explains to him about what the man has done and wants to get revenge for his sister. MM understands fully and the pair proceed back to the shop to wreak havoc on the man. They do a good job on him though they could have hurt him much worse, what was amusing was how the two tossed him around like they were playing catch with a ball.

 MM seems like a fairly cool guy and hopefully we'll be seeing much more if him in future episodes. One other thing we learned about him was that he has a son in the hospital. His son though is eighty years old(!), that must mean MM didn't return from the dead for seventy or so years.
 Hasn't been enough of Jung-Won up until now but there will be plenty of her from here on out. She was given the responsibility of helping her boss Cha pick out the ingredients for his restaurant. He watched as Jung-Won did the ordering and she did a good job of it which always hasn't been the case with her work. But as the pair was leaving the huge market some crates fell onto Cha, once again someone in this show has been sent to the hospital.

 Jung-Won ends up bringing Cha back to his place and plans on spending the night to help him recuperate. Hae-Sung will hear nothing of the sort, he heads over to Cha's and it's actually him that spends the night. Cha thinks he's Jung-Won's younger cousin and the pair slowly get to know each other.
 We also learn something from their conversation which is how Jung-Won ended up working at his restaurant. Three years ago he had been stopped in his car talking on the phone as Jung-Won came stumbling down the street in a drunken stupor. She thought Cha's vehicle was a taxi and jumped in, Cha played along with her and drove her home.
 To his surprise the next day she answered an ad for help in his kitchen, she forgot who he was but Cha easily remembered her and hired Jung-Won on the spot. The following morning Cha's injury was better so Hae-Sung headed back to Jung-Won's place only to hear of a dire situation, his brother
Hae-Chul has been arrested for beating two men.

 The two head to the police station in Chungho, it's a fictional town which seems very near Seoul which is where this drama takes place in the current time. Chungho is the place where all of the main characters had attended high school and Hae-Sung's death occurred there in 2005.
 Hae-Sung's old buddy Shin was the one who had Hae-Chul locked up and it appears it was a crime that was made up. Hae-Chul kept pleading his innocence as the two men were just pulling a scam to get money off of him. It got to the point where even the poverty stricken Jung-Won had given the two men her week's salary and was almost going to give them more.
 Ever since Hae-Sung had returned from the dead his five senses are much more acute, he's able to hear silent conversations from fifty feet away and heard the pair talking about their scam. Hae-Sung told Shin about a disc hidden in the car which had the incident taped, when it was played it showed the scam the two lowlifes tried to pull and Hae-Chul was set free.

 Getting close to the end of the recap, Jung-Won and Hae-Sung are now heading back home to Seoul now that his brother is free. Waiting at a crosswalk was a little girl who called herself Elsa, she wasn't with either of her parents and didn't say where they were. Jung-Won and Hae-Sung took pity on the four year old and treated her to lunch.
 The little girl's name is actually Gong-Joo and what a small world it is as her father is Hae-Sung's brother Hae-Chul. Because of him being locked up at the police station he was late picking up his daughter at the day care center and she had somehow wandered off. In a panic he's searching everywhere for Gong-Joo before eventually finding her with his brother Hae-Sung.
 Hae-Chul explained that Gong-Joo's mother had died at childbirth and he was raising her by himself. Not easy as he's had no steady job as his last one was being a small time hoodlum working for some loan sharks until Hae-Sung intervened. What the incident was to strengthen the bonds a bit between the brothers, don't know why but Hae-Chul hasn't been asking his brother about his reappearance.

 Need to do another post soon for Yeon-Hee as that smile she has could melt the largest iceberg. In the final minute a huge cliffhanger with some possible serious consequences occurred. Jung-Won and Hae-Sung are finally back in Seoul and are almost at her apartment when tragedy strikes.
 As they're conversing Hae-Sung suddenly can't breathe and falls to the ground in pain. Jung-Won at first thinks he's fooling her but it's no joke as Hae-Sung's life is potentially hanging by a thread which is where the eighth episode ends. Wonder if the condition has anything to do with Hae-Sung coming back from the grave, you would think there would be some sort of problems after being dead for twelve years.

 At first this series was supposed to have forty episodes but then read it was cut down to 32. But that changed again and it's back to the original forty shows with the last one airing on September 21st. Didn't know it had changed or else would have done this recap last week. Figured the drama was ending this week and was planning on having a marathon with the remaining shows but seeing as how there's still two more weeks to go didn't want to fall too far behind.
 Will try to do the recap for episodes nine and ten next week. That'll mean there's thirty shows left to review which is a tall order but want to finally finish recapping an entire Korean series. As mentioned in the beginning it's become a slow paced drama but one that I've been enjoying and do plan on watching it until the end, so far would recommend viewing it.

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