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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Nogizaka46: Marika Ito solo exhibition pics and more....

 We never did see many pics of that fabulous duo together, they do have some things in common such as both celebrate their birthday on February 20th. Another thing in common is a very dismal one as both announced their graduation in October and sadly that's the next bit of info. Two days ago on her Nogi blog Marika told the world that she's planning on graduating, it's not one that is going to happen on her birthday too as she said her departure will take place by the end of the year.
 Don't know how many Marika fans visit here but I've been a big one over the years. She is a fave among Nogi fans too and think management took notice on that as she was a surprise Senbatsu member for the 18th single. Marika's popularity has really been in the rise, she's attended more events than any Nogi member the last two months and this is her second one in ten days.

 That's the blog pic Marika had in her graduation post, she'll be turning 22 in five months and said her plans were to perhaps become a fashion designer or something along those lines, don't know if she ever attended college. Bit of a short notice for her graduation, it won't be happening next month at the group's two Tokyo Dome concerts so perhaps at their X-Mas show(s).
 The departures are starting to come faster, one earlier this year with Nanami plus Himeka is scheduled to say sayonara very soon and hope it's not a mass exodus of first generation members leaving. Maybe not a huge amount but I can easily see five or more exiting within the next year, doubt if it'll happen but it'd be nice if the graduations gave some of the Undergirls a chance to get promoted.
 No more of that talk for now as we still have a couple more months left with Marika and let's hope we see so much more of her. What's a good Nogi trivia fact is that of the current Senbatsu members she was the first one to have the lead role in a movie, two current Undergirls were in 2014 horror films. That movie was "Eyes" which came out in 2015, she does have that everyday eerie look about her that would work well in a horror film. For those of you that have never seen the film have the trailer at the bottom of the post.

 Marika has never made many appearances in mags compared to the other members. However she will be int he November edition of Nylon Japan and these pics are from the photo shoot.

 Two promo pics here from the exhibition plus some of what it looks like.

 It officially opens tomorrow but Marika today was at a special event to promote it. The display is loosely titled 'Inside the mind of Marika Ito' and it consists of pics she took. But also some of them were shot by other Nogi members along with a few regular fashion cameramen. The event opens tomorrow at the Parco Gallery in Shibuya, admission price is an inexpensive 500 yen.
 There was a lottery for tomorrow's opening, unsure if Marika will be making an appearance but it'd be nice if she did but then again perhaps she doesn't want to answer graduation questions. The display will be held until October 15th, on the 21st it'll be moving to Kyoto. Plenty of fine looking pics here from today's event and check out the "Eyes" trailer after them.

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