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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Keyakizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #5....

 Haven't watched the last three 'Keyakitte' shows even though I have them, are they worth viewing? These Korean dramas have been taking up most of my allotted viewing time so if those are worth a watch then will do so. The show airs on Sunday nights so let's hope next week's show just has the Hiragana members on it so they can promote the new drama "Re:Mind" which starts October 20th.
 That's a series I'm looking forward to, there's a new synopsis at the show's TV Tokyo site and it really looks promising. Still no news on who the new member replacing Neru will be, then again looking at her it seems like she's kind of irreplaceable....

 That bottom pic is brand new from an upcoming mag spread, hope the cold water in my shower is still working! 😰 On October 8th there was a mini event for the drama, very low-key as only a few major news sites were there. However do have some fine pics from the event, there's a new long interview at Modelpress with all of the Hiragana members: https://mdpr.jp/news/detail/1719955

 The covers for Keya's new single that were in the group's previous post were the actual ones. Not sold yet on these new 'uniforms' for the single, always thought their older ones were quite good. These are some of the group's new promo pics for the upcoming "Kaze ni Fukarete no" single, are they trying to become business women? Have ten members here and will have the rest in the group's next post.

 Such a lack of mag spreads recently, with the new single and drama this month figured there would such an avalanche of them. Still early in October so that could happen, just a four page spread here but least it's a beguiling set featuring Rika from Young Magazine #45.

 Last set of pics is actually nothing new but it came out a year ago and features Keya's captain Yuuka. She looks so incredibly bewitching these days....

.... and also looked mighty fine in this September 2016 spread for Hustle Press. The more you stare at the above Yuuka pic the more sweltering the scenarios you're imagining are.....


  1. The last three Keyakitte shows i'd say are NOT worth viewing, these were more 'sweet' episodes i'd say, funny here and there but not really a priority compared to the Korean dramas. The eps covering this week and next week is about the new blood that are joining Hiragana Keyaki so i guess the week after is when it'll happen. They're all wearing suits because they were invited to my funeral...I'm a ghost that can type stuff so hopefully the guy from 'Bring it on, Ghost' doesn't find me. Also, way to ReMind me how good Yuuka looks wherever she goes...and Rika of course.

  2. Guess those suits could be ones that pallbearers but had also thought they were attempting to have that 'Yakuza look'. Had a feeling those shows weren't all that interesting, the variety shows for the '46' groups have really become so un-fun this year. Hmmmm, it's been a while but maybe should check out some of the recent AKBingo shows.

  3. You'd have to cherry pick for the very good parts in variety shows for this year. Speaking bout variety shows, m8 I was enjoying Nogieigo but with eps only coming out each month, you almost forget about it. Show goes for bout 30mins but then there may be a part 2 then they're like "oh you want to watch part 2?? then wait til next month! bye bye" *sigh* Mann all I know is that there's some stuff going on over at the '48' groups but other than that, I'm so far behind. I think Nakada Kana appeared in one of their shows but other than that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Unrelated to this but can't believe I missed the C-ute post right before this one, i can't be only Berryz fan here right? Miyabi m8 c'monnn. I guess you can call me the 'Sekaiichi Happy na OTOKO no Ko'