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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lee Yeon-Hee: "Reunited Worlds" drama episodes nine and ten recaps

 Air Dates: July 19th to September 21st on SBS. Two episodes air at 10:00 pm 
Wednesdays and Thursdays
Ratings for the two episodes- 6.6% and 7.9%

Main Cast:

Lee Yeon-Hee as Jung Jung-Won.... 30 years old
Jung Chae-Young as Jung Jung-Won.... 18 years old
Yeo Jin-Goo as Sung Hae-Sung
Ahn Jae-Hyeon as Cha Min-Joon
Lee Si-Un as Shin Ho-Bang
Park Jin-Joo as Hong Jin-Joo
Kim Jin-Woo as Cha Tae-Hoon
Yoon Sun Woo as Sung Young-Joon
Kwak Dong Yun as Sung Hae-Chul
Kim Ga-Eun as Sung Young-In
Ahn Kil-Kang as Ahn Tae-Bok

 Two weeks since the last recap but had been waiting for the series to end before continuing on. The drama ended this Thursday so will try to have two of these posts a week but doubt if anyone is holding their breaths waiting for them though I'm enjoying this series.
 When we last left off Hae-Sung was writhing in pain on the ground as he had suddenly collapsed, Jung-Won was with him at the time but there was nothing she could do. Luckily the incident only lasted for about a minute at most and it's the only time we've seen Hae-Sung have a problem like that. However would think it won't be the last time as rising from the dead after twelve years must have some kind of effect on your body.

 Hae-Sung did recover rather quickly and the pair head back to Jung-Won's apartment or I should say tried to. Outside of her place was the landlady and Jung-Won is far behind on the rent so the pair ended up dashing to the SNT restaurant where Jung-Won works but is closed for the evening. Before his death at eighteen Hae-Sung's dream was to become a chef, one reason for Jung-Won also trying to become a chef was to live out his dream.
 The duo, mainly Jung-Won, end up making a pasta dinner which came out quite tasty. Jung-Won is a good cook but for some reason just doesn't have the special skills one needs to be a regular chef, she's been an assistant for three years now. As they were eating who should show up but the main chef and manager of the restaurant who is Cha.
 He didn't discover the two but was there to drown his sorrows in wine as earlier in the day he had been at a funeral for his uncle. Apparently his uncle wasn't well liked, Cha and his father had a heated argument which was the main reason for him wanting to guzzle a bottle of wine. Jung-Won and Hae-Sung had hid away though only a few feet from Cha and it would be just a matter of time until they were found so Jung-Won snuck away to greet Cha.

 Jung-Won's desire to go to art school was something we just learned, after the death of Hae-Sung she just wandered aimlessly around for many years. Cha invites her to share his bottle of spirits though it's not a good idea for Jung-Won to drink as she has a high tolerance for it and has spent some time in a rehab. Every time Cha would fill her glass Hae-Sung would jump out and drink while Cha wasn't present, he ended drinking most of the bottle and naturally was a bit tipsy as he's still really just 18.
 Eventually Hae-Sung comes out of hiding, the excuse for him being around Jung-Won so much is that he's her cousin and is staying with her while he prepeares to take his college entrance exams. But in his wine induced state he has to once again spend the night at Cha's residence, unsure if Cha is really believing the 'cousin story' as he really likes Jung-Won but in his mind why would a thirty year old beauty be going out with an eighteen year old?

 Above screenshot is of Hae-Sung talking to his younger brother by a year Young-Joon. He's now a doctor and to date we know zero about his life from the moment Hae-Sung died until now. We do know that he's no longer close to his siblings, he wants nothing to do with any of his family and for being a doctor it's surprising that he believes that Hae-Sung has come back to life.
 Up until now I've referred to him as MM and that's for Mysterious Man. He's another person who has come back to life but is thirty years older than Hae-Sung. Now know his name in the drama which is Tae-Bok though it's never been said on the show yet. He was dead for many decades, so long his son is now older than he is and is currently in critical condition at Young-Joon's hospital.
 The problem is there's no relative that can sign a consent form for an operation, who would believe that the fifty year old Tae-Bok is the seventy year old's father? Young-Joon had refused to do the operation, perhaps it's because Hae-Sung had asked him. But time was of the essence and when
Hae-Sung was not around the operation was performed successfully, maybe Young-Joon isn't as bad of a person as we thought he was.

 Tae-Bok seems like a powerful guy but is also a rather decent chap, shame we didn't get to see him in action though there's no doubt we will many more times in the future. As far as Hae-Sung's two other siblings go we didn't see one second of Hae-Chul in either show and just about a minute of his sister Young-In who has come around in her thinking and realizes that Hae-Sung has come back to life. Also there was no more working on the murder case from twelve years ago though Hae-Sung's friend Shin who is an officer mentioned he put in for a transfer to the homicide department to work on it.
 Back to Jung-Won in what was the final scene of episode ten but it was quite a long one. As mentioned she's been an assistant chef for three years, to get promoted you need to take a test, not a paper version but doing actual cooking. It could happen at any time and the restaurant's manager Cha thought it was time for the test. He had given her some lessons and she was able to create a Spaghetti Vangole dish which really impressed Cha.
 After the lesson Jung-Won and Hae-Sung had met up, he was quite cold towards her and she's clueless why. Don't see how she can't see what's going on, there's no doubt to us viewers that he's very jealous of Cha and the feeling may be mutual. Sure this is something that will soon become part of the storyline.

 The SNT restaurant closes between 3:00 and 5:00 pm every afternoon, right after closing was when it was decided that it was time for Jung-Won's test. She had to prepare lunch for the staff which totaled twelve, after eating there would be a vote on whether her lunch was superb. If the majority of votes were yes then she'd become a chef, if the no total was higher she'd remain as an assistant but her next test may not be for years.
 Seems as though Jung-Won had created a tasty lunch, she made the same pasta dish which Cha had enjoyed. But for some reason there was a difference, it was good yet it wasn't up to the high standards that Cha and the head chef were looking for. The staff voted and it was seven to five with the seven being no votes, meaning Jung-Won shouldn't become a chef. She was naturally devastated and even the head chef said perhaps it's time for her to look for another line of work.
 Don't think she'll be leaving there as Cha has become an important part of the story, wouldn't surprise me if somehow Hae-Sung ends up working there soon. That brings us to the conclusion of these two episodes, pair of good shows but have to admit not that much happened compared to previous ones but with forty episodes there's going to be some slower stretches.
 EDIT: Made another boneheaded maneuver as I didn't label the recap post for episodes 13 and 14 correctly so that won't follow this one. However do have it but will wait until tomorrow or October 12th to post it. 😢😢😢😢

 Have seen better Korean dramas but to date I'm enjoying this series and have a strong feeling that the action is going to start picking up. Of course 100% of the reason for watching this is Yeon-hee who looks so charming every second she's on the screen. Been wanting to do a post for some other activities but she's been way too quiet lately, perhaps I'll have to go back and post some missed happenings from earlier this year. Should be back in 3-4 days with the next two episodes and will try to remain on a schedule like that.

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