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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #16 and a bit more....

 Above is a behind the scenes video for the making of their 'Keyaki no Kiseki' CM's, have tried to find a way to play the game on a computer but it's sadly not possible. Such a shame as many people's lives don't revolve around staring at a two inch screen all day.

 After four days total sales for "Kaze ni Fukarete mo" stands at 615,000+ copies sold. Appears to be cinch that they'll top their first week single's record which is 632,600, should beat it by 10,000 or more. Not a big post as there have been many recently for Keya but there's no sense having these pics sit around. Yesterday had a Neru post and did have the bottom pic which is one of her best. The pic was from the new issue of Friday that came out today which is Saturday(!). There are three other pics for the spread and they're from the November 10th issue.

 Think we'll be seeing all four of those pics quite often as they're promo ones for her first PB. Also in yesterdays's Neru post was this spread, perhaps there's a few who didn't check out so will post it again as it also features Yuuka from the November 6th Young Magazine.

 This next spread is quite a fabulous one but it's an oldie as I once again overlooked one. That's play though as there weren't enough sets for this post, fine pics for this spread are form the May issue of BLT. It has a quartet of members who are Rina, Nana, Nanako and Nanami.... think we need more Nana based themes....

 Yurina used to dominate the solo spreads but not so much these last few months and that's a good thing as so many members deserved more turns in the spotlight. Small set here is from the December edition of Vivi.

 Have one final thing after this which is the final mag spread. Saved the best one for last which features an enticing Rika from Weekly Shonen Champion #48, her photobook is going to be something else. Final pic isn't for the spread but instead is from her blog, whewwww....

 Keya was on 'Showroom' twice this week, video from Friday's show has been deleted. But the one for Wednesday seems as though it'll stay up for a while as this fine quintet was on the show promoting the new single which came out on the same day. There are a few of the same show on YT so if one gets deleted can replace it, Risa was on the show so all is cool with the world....

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  1. Ahh 'Keyaki No Kiseki', tis a shame. That ice cream one with Neru is a real teaser. Hawk Eyes Activated! Can't believe I missed it first time. Young Mag cover, right side of Neru...noice👌. Think we need some more Nana based things as well. Nanami has been pretty quiet recently but according to her blog, her studies have paid off and she'll be headin off to uni next year I think, so with that I think it'll be a good time to spam some Ba'Nana's ay. Ba'Nana's FTW