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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Nogizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #59 and new Haruyama videos

 Nogi has another series of CM's for the Haruyama suit company and they've had many others for them in the past along with attending a few of their events. A dozen members have videos and if you watch the CM on YT then you can click on the Haruyama site and view all of them, also have a group one at the bottom.

 Single #19 "Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyou Dekiru" has had a solid first five days as far as sales go. The total for the first week will be 837,000+ which is about 40,000 less than the group's previous single. But it's been only two months between singles instead of the usual four so that may have affected sales a bit but seeing as how it wasn't a huge drop off not by that much. Bet we won't be seeing another Nogi single until next March, management never likes my suggestions so how about a duet single featuring the soon to graduate faves Himeka and Marika?

 Won't have any special birthday tribute but one of everyone's biggest faves Miona celebrates turning 21 today. Actually wonder if she is a huge fave of Nogi fans, when Miona first joined the group many fans didn't take to her as she was the center on her first single which was "Barrette". Think much of that anger has dissipated but curious if she's in many top ten lists for Nogi members.
 Miona is definitely in mine and would hit the top five. Her first PB is coming out on November 24th, the Japanese government should make that date a national holiday. Miona starts off today's spreads which are just three but they do total well over thirty pics. Have another set from her which I'll have in the group's next post and these astonishing pics are from the November issue of ar.

 Would have to say Asuka would take the honors for having the most solo mag spreads of any Nogi member this year, don't know the total but it's way too many to count. She's been an exclusive model for Sweet since 2015 and these gothish pics are from their November edition.

 Not exactly sure how I'll be doing this year's 'Top Ten Fave Nogi Members' list. Just know I won't be doing ten individual posts as there's not enough new things to make them interesting and don't want to have posts featuring pics that everyone has already seen here. So will probably have a post for the members in the positions 3-10 or 4-10 and then will have solo posts for the members that make the top two or three.
 Sure most know who my #1 one is and whats funny is that the possible runner up follows this set which features a trio of gals. Not many adjectives left for the impeccable Misa that haven't been said about her already. Did just get an older gravure DVD that features her from 2012 and that'll make for some nice pics in her top ten members post. These pics are from a special Flash magazine edition titled 'Diamond' and it's dated for November 10th.

 Up next in this spread which features three solo sets is Kazumi, I thought her photobook from 2016 was one of the best Nogi ones to date but have a feeling not many fans agree with that opinion.

 Last up for this Flash spread is Mai and it's a shame there's only three pics. Should be seeing plenty more of her soon as her first photoboo will finally be released on November 14th. After the pics check out another Haruyama video which is a behind the scenes one for the new CM's.

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