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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Haruka Fukuhara: Her intro post #1....

 Such an incredible slowdown recently for my bigger faves except for Kasumi and Gakky. Even Nogi has been a bit incognito lately, wonder if they're all on vacation together in New Zealand or their suburb Australia? Didn't want to bombard everyone with an avalanche of Korean actress or drama posts so thought why not introduce another new Japanese actress who I think we'll be seeing a lot of in the future, actually we're already seeing a lot of her.

 Seems like I've acquired a fetish for actresses in police uniforms lately but hopefully don't think that's the case, if someone told me that bottom pic was of Yui Ichikawa ten years ago then I'd believe them. But this post isn't about her as it's the first one here for Haruka who I've been seeing a lot of these past few months and thought she'd make a nice addition here.
 Haruka turned nineteen back in August but has been a show biz vet for about ten years, at first she was a singer whose songs did so-so on the charts. Many of them were for her 'Cookin' Idol' variety show which ran on NHK from 2009 to 2013. Since then Haruka's acting career has become much more successful and she's had the lead role in a few dramas already.
 Haruka also has the lead role in her next film "Woman's Performance" aka Jojoen. The film isn't scheduled to be released until early 2018 but it's been screened at two recent film festivals. One of them was the Kyoto Film Festival which ended on October 15th, the day before it's conclusion the film had it's screening.

 Haruka hails from Saitama so hope that means she's a huge C-ute fan. Won't have too many things in these intro posts as I can really only back a little over a year for her activities, try not to have any for when a gal is less than eighteen. But there still will be many things to post about as she's been such a busy woman the past year, have two mag spreads with the first being from the March 16th issue of Weekly Famitsu.

 She adorns the cover of the second spread which is from Big Comic Spirits for April 3rd.

 Haruka already has three photobooks, guess they must be solid sellers to have so many this quickly and she also has her first calendar coming out next month. The third photobook is titled "Itsunomanika' which was released on August 28th, that also happened to be the date of Haruka's nineteenth birthday. On September 3rd there was an event for the PB and at it was also a mini b-day party for her. Plenty of superb pics here from the event followed by a video of it.


  1. That 2nd pic(out of the whole thing) is a killer but "suburb Australia" (╬ಠ益ಠ)T R I G G E R E D
    The anime fella in the yellow circle in the first shot of Big Comic Spirits
    My reaction to any posts about her from now on
    With that shot right above the cop one, I really thought you had a shot of NGT48's Maho. With the Weekly Famitsu, if you said that she was the lil' sis of Rika then I would've believed you. Also would've believed you if you said she's the older sis of Hashimoto Kanna with Big Comic. Also also I don't know if that was intentional but the first line(and a bit) under the cop shot left me with a little chuckle. Also also...also, she's really pretty like oh dayum.

  2. Her face really reminds me of a few females but except for that pic in a police uniform couldn't think of any names or at least not yet. Have seen a few comparison pics with the overrated Kanna but those were from when Haruka was seventeen or so.
    May not be too well known outside of the U.S. but many people here consider Canada to be a suburb of America and there really is zero difference when you cross the border. Just had thought with the thriving metropolis of Auckland that her western neighbors would be considered their....

  3. ((((((╬ಠ益ಠ)T R I G G E R E D))))
    haha jks m8. Find it pretty weird tho with ppl considering Canada being a suburb of America. Oh! I guess it's confirmed! Nao hates lil' shi-I mean kidz!