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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Keyakizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #3....

 Above is the first mini promo video for the "Re:Mind" drama that's starring the Hiragana members and is beginning on October 19th. You'll notice a difference in the two pics, the top one has Neru while the bottom one doesn't and that open seat was supposed to be her. Few weeks back Neru got promoted to a regular Kanji member so sadly she's no longer going to appear in the drama.

 In August there were auditions for the third generation members, one of them is going to take the place of Neru in the show but no word yet on who that person will be. Kind of bums me out that Neru won't be in the drama as she's the best actress of all of the members though I'll still end up viewing the show.
 This is definitely a very odd pairing, wonder how these two got hooked up?

 Single #5 "Kaze ni Fukarete mo" aka Even If The Wind Blows will be released in 24 days. So far there's no covers or promo pics for the song though there was a short clip of it in a recent CM, the single is coming out just two weeks after Nogi's next one.

 Just two mag spreads for today, what a slowdown of them there's been these last two months but would think with the new single coming out there should be an avalanche of them. First off is this set from the November edition of Bubka with highlights from their first Summer tour.

 Trio of members for the second spread who make creating a sandwich look so exciting. The threesome from the November issue of Entame are Nana, Yui K. and Minami.

 Yurina has been a host of the 'Girls Locks!' show since April and she does the third week every month. These pics are from September and she was doing some early promoting for the new single.

 Seems everyone's fave member Minami is becoming so popular these last few months. She had never had a solo spread before and now she's had two superb ones since July plus she's is now in the second line for the new single. Some ultra exquisite new pics here from the Hustle Press site.

 Lastly is something I had forgotten all about though it was mentioned it a few weeks back. That was of Yui I. turning 19 which happened yesterday, good to see her back after a four month hiatus due to some health problems and haven't we been seeing so many Idols recently with health issues? Nothing special today to celebrate the once in a lifetime occasion but do have some blog pics along with some older ones. You can tell the difference between them as Yui had cut her hair upon her return and no clue what was up with her in that top pic.... thought I was the only one still using a rotary phone....


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  2. But yeah if she does that again, I will look for her, I will find her...and I will kill her...with a vegemite sandwich...double the vegemite