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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lee Yeon-Hee: "Reunited Worlds" drama episodes nineteen and twenty recaps

 Air Dates: July 19th to September 21st on SBS. Two episodes air at 10:00 pm 
Wednesdays and Thursdays
Ratings for the two episodes- 6.7% and 7.5%

Main Cast:

Lee Yeon-Hee as Jung Jung-Won.... 30 years old
Jung Chae-Young as Jung Jung-Won.... 18 years old
Yeo Jin-Goo as Sung Hae-Sung(18)
Ahn Jae-Hyeon as Cha Min-Joon(34)
Lee Si-Un as Shin Ho-Bang(30)
Park Jin-Joo as Hong Jin-Joo(30)
Kim Jin-Woo as Cha Tae-Hoon(30)
Yoon Sun Woo as Sung Young-Joon(29)
Kwak Dong Yun as Sung Hae-Chul(23)
Kim Ga-Eun as Sung Young-In(26)
Kim Hye-Jun as Sung Soo-Ji(18)
Ahn Kil-Kang as Ahn Tae-Bok(50) disappeared in episode 14
Park Young-Kyu as Cha Kwon-Pyo(55)

  Know the recaps for this drama aren't the most popular ones here but they do attract a fair amount of views and perhaps others are curious about the show. Have done posts for the first eighteen episodes so if you missed them after this post put all of the recaps in order to make it much easier to follow the story. Will also be doing that for episodes 21 to 40 but until the drama is complete will still be having these recaps for two episodes.

 That was the ending from the previous show as Hae-Sung has finally tracked down the driver of the car that ran him over twelve years ago. The date it occurred is above and that accident killed
Hae-Sung who has somehow come back to life. The culprit is the father of Tae-Hoon who is one of Hae-Sung's best friends, the father's name is Kwon-Pyo.
 He owns a huge department store and is also head of the Chungho Community foundation. That organization was having a special festival, Hae-Sung's restaurant was catering the event as he felt it may be his last chance to catch the person who ran him over. He gets pains in his chest when he's near someone who was involved in the crime but the pains are growing weaker and via those pains is his best opportunity to catch the fiend.
 To say that Kwon-Pyo was shocked to see Hae-Sung would be an understatement but it does raise a question to me and probably others. Why is everyone taking Hae-Sung's reappearance so nonchalantly, you'd think they'd be running for the hills but for the most part all of his old friends and acquaintances are calm when they first see him. Nothing was resolved from this encounter though, Kwon-Pyo said there's no evidence that he ran over Hae-Sung so until he gets some Kwon-Pyo tells him to leave and never come back.

 Hae-Sung immediately tells his best buddy Shin of his meeting with Tae-Hoon's father. Shin was a police officer in Chungho but has transferred to the Mapo station in Seoul where he works for the Violent Crime Unit but is also working on the case of Hae-Sung's death. Kwon-Pyo's chauffeur Hwang had taken the rap for it and served time in prison but it's been revealed, now that he's dead, Hwang wasn't the driver of the car that night.
 Tae-Hoon seems like a good dude and it's a shame he has such a devilish father, can't say his mother is a good person either. Shin has an idea which was to put a banner in front of the Chungho high school where Hae-Sung was run over. It asked if there were any witnesses at the accident or if anyone had any info. Hae-Sung's brother was the person who ended up with the duty of erecting the banners as there were others put around town. We haven't sen too much of Hae-Chul the last few episodes though we will again by the end of this recap.
 There's been many other characters we haven't seen much of the last few episodes but in these two shows we see everyone. Though their screen time may not have been huge all of their happenings are very important and will have an impact in the final twenty episodes. Hae-Sung's younger sister Soo-Ji is an eighteen year old high school student. Unknown to her family she's quite sick and needs an organ transplant, she was supposed to talk with her older sister about it but can't bring herself around to doing that. As she was leaving the hospital she ran into her older brother Young-Joon and she had no clue who he was. He's told the whole staff he's an only child and refuses to see his other siblings.

 That scene with Soo-Ji was less than two minutes long but to me it gave away the ending of the drama. Could be wrong with my thought but we all know Hae-Sung will eventually return to being dead, doesn't it make sense before he leaves he would donate an organ to his sister? Makes sense to me but seeing how my predictions are usually amiss..........
 We saw plenty of Jung-Won after those opening scenes but her role wasn't as important in these two shows though it was good we saw more of some other characters. She's had had no recent problems at work which is rare for Jung-Won but did want to discuss something with her manager Cha. Twice he's confessed his love to Jung-Won and twice he's been rebuffed, perhaps that's what she wanted to talk to him about.
 When Jung-Won asked to meet him after work he was at his desk with his back to her. Cha was on the phone and didn't hear a word she said but Jung-Won thought he did. After work she waited and waited but was stood up by Cha who didn't know he had stood her up. Instead he brought out
Hae-Sung to eat, though there's a big difference in age Cha can talk so openly with Hae-Sung and really enjoys his company.

 That spread wasn't for the pair as they were shown the wrong table by accident but they did too an excellent job at almost gobbling all of the food down. Back to Hae-Chul once again, he's 23 and is raising his four year old daughter Gong-Joo by himself. He's goes in and out of jobs very rapidly but has settled down as the only way his daughter can live with him is if he maintains employment.
 Hardly anything had been mentioned about the daughter's mother but it seemed as though she was deceased. That's not the case as an old friend of Hae-Chul's told him there was a person looking for him, when he arrived at a cafe to see who it was he was blown away when the saw it was his daughter's mother. Her name was never mentioned in the show nor is she in the cast credits so her appearance may have been a one time deal.
 The pair sat together for a while but Hae-Chul wanted nothing to do with her, now it's come to light that she just walked out on him and her daughter. The mother wanted to meet Gong-Joo again but that request was quickly turned down by Hae-Chul, he's started to get his life in order and doesn't need the headache of his old flame/wife being around. The mother had followed Hae-Chul to Gong-Joo's nursery school but Hae-Chul refused to let her meet Gong-Joo who didn't even realize the woman was her mother.

 When Kwon-Pyo had seen the banners erected in Chungho asking for help in the twelve year old hit and run accident he ordered them all taken down but Hae-Chul quickly put them back up. Above is Cha who happened to pass by one of the banners and has something from the accident though no evidence. When Hae-Sung had died in the accident he had been carrying a blue ribbon which he wanted to give to Jung-Won twelve years before.
 Cha's aunt who had raised him had given him the ribbon before she departed for Australia where she wants to spend the rest of her days. Cha calls Shin and arranges a meeting, at their get together Cha says he has no evidence in the accident but has the ribbon that belonged to Hae-Sung. That ribbon raises so many more questions for Shin such as why would his aunt have it?
 What was supposed to be a short meeting turned into a lengthy one as both had much info for the other person. Cha sadly admitted it was his uncle Hwang who had run over Hae-Sung who now works at his restaurant. They've known each other for a while but Cha has naturally no idea that
Hae-Sung had returned from the grave and that his uncle had taken the rap for his death.

 Shin explained to Cha that his uncle was framed for the accident. That frame up really broke up the family as Cha's uncle had to serve a jail sentence of many years and was never the same man when he was released. Cha starts pressing Shin for the name of the man who did drive the car and Shin was reluctant to tell him as it's an ongoing case.
 Shin finally relents and tells him the the main suspect in accident is Kwon-Pyo though there's no solid evidence yet. What a small world it is as that's Cha's real father but was an illegitimate child so Cha's aunt and uncle raised him. These days it's still a secret that Kwon-Pyo is his father and the two are not on speaking terms as in the last recap Cha had banned him from his SNT restaurant.
 The one person who may be able to make Kwon-Pyo confess is Cha's aunt who also may be his real mother. Shin asks him to try to get her back from Australia, once she hears about the new developments in the investigation she agrees to return to Korea. Shin ended up giving the blue ribbon back to Hae-Sung who finally was able to give it as a present to Jung-Won after twelve years though she was less than enthused about receiving it.

 Getting very close to the end of this recap which was a longish one. It's now the following day and Shin has picked the aunt up at the airport. He's filled her in on all of the new developments in the case and the pair are heading for a confrontation at Kwon-Pyo's office. He's not alone there as Hae-Sung has unexpectedly arrived and had subdued the two bodyguards. Since his return from the dead
Hae-Sung's strength is so powerful but he's only used it on rare occasions.
 Hae-Sung is aware via Shin that Hwang's wife is on her way though he hasn't learned that Kwon-Pyo is Cha's real father and also that Hwang had raised Cha. The conclusion of these two episodes is just how it began with Hae-Sung confronting Kwon-Pyo about the accident. Let's hope that this time the matter gets resolved as it's been going on for too many episodes.

 One other mystery that may be cleared up is the murder of Jang which happened twelve years ago. Hae-Sung had been riding his bike to get help when he was run over, in that brief conversation at the end seems Kwon-Pyo also knows about the murder but why would he he order an eighteen year old killed? Doesn't seem as though Hae-Sung is still a suspect in the killing but he had been as he was the last person to see Jang alive.
 Bit of a longer recap than usual as so many characters we hadn't seen for a many episodes made a reappearance. It's nice that it happened as a few more problems are now added into the storylines and what made these two episodes better was that they were much more serious. Halfway through this drama now, as mentioned at the top of the post if you missed any of the first nine recaps they'll follow this one and all are in order from shows one to eighteen.

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