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Friday, October 27, 2017

Ko Sung-Hee: Her intro post #1....

 If you've been following the recaps for the "While You Were Sleeping" drama you may have noticed how much I've been falling for Sung-Hee who truly is one knockout or at least to me. It's the second show I've seen her in with the first one being "Miss Korea" that aired from December 2013 to February 2014. That was Sung-Hee's first drama, hard to top this duo and all should know the other woman who had the lead in the show.

 Sung-Hee didn't begin her acting career until 2013 or for that matter her entertainment career. That means there may not be as much to post about but should be able to have many more of these intro ones and think you'll soon he falling for her too. Sung-Hee is now 27, she turned that age on June 21st and can't believe how many of my faves were born in that month.
 Main reason for Sung-Hee starting her career so late is that she attended Sungyunkwan University and she did graduate. Korean actresses seem so much taller than the ones from Japan, can also say that about Idols from the two countries. Was just checking the numbers, on average a Korean woman is 162 cm tall while a female from Japan is 159 cm which is a little over an inch.
 Sung-Hee is 170 cm tall which is what got me curious about heights. In the "While You Were Sleeping" drama she plays Hee-Min who is a prosecutor. At first her role wasn't that big but the last five or so shows it's really grown but did think it would be much bigger.

 Sung-Hee did have the lead female role in the "Diary of a Watchman" which aired in 2014, her roles in most series have been bigger than her current show. Will go back in time for most of these pics, actually they're all from late 2013 or early 2014 and this set of ultra irresistible pics are from a January 2014 interview for Hankook.

 Just one Sung-Hee mag spread for today which is from the March 2014 issue of Sure.

 Sung-Hee doesn't appear in all that many mags but she certainly makes many appearances at events and will have an avalanche of pics from the them in her upcoming posts. This set here are among my pics faves of all time and the hotness level from them are close to unbeatable. On December 16, 2013 Sung-Hee was at a press conference for the "Miss Korea" drama and she must have set off every fire alarm in the building!
 If this wasn't her intro post may have devoted a whole one just for this event, still may do that in the future. Whatever adjective there is in the world doesn't come close to describing these Sung-Hee pics and my jaw will never recover. If your heart can take it have a video of the event after the pics with the first half minute being a promo for the drama.

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