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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Morning Musume: 'The Singles series' #64- "Jama Shinaide Here We Go!" part one(?)

 Spur of the moment post as there wasn't much else new going on though have been wanting to post about Morning Musume's new single plus to continue their 'singles series'. This is the group's 64th single, granted that's more than almost any other J-Pop group though you have to remember their first one came out in November 1997. Since then they've consistently put out 3-4 singles a year but for the years of 2016 and 2017 there were only two each.
 There's three tunes on the single with the A-side being "Jama Shinaide Here We Go!". The title says part one as there hopefully will be another post for the single and will have the videos from the other two songs. The video above is for 'Jama' and it's subbed in English which is such a nice thing that Hello Project does for their videos.
 The release date for the single was October 4th so it's been out for barely two days. Sales have been impressive with close to 92,000 copies sold so 100 K should be hit fairly easy and it should outsell the previous two singles. There were seven versions of the single, few came with some videos and two of the covers are at the top with the other five right here.

 Earlier played their greatest hits album from 2007 which is a double one with 35 songs. MM hasn't released an album since 2014 and wish they would have more new songs so we could have another album soon, two singles a year just doesn't cut it. Mizuki is by far my fave member though there are a few others who I do like, promise to have a few other solo posts soon.
 Haruna Iikubo may be up first as I really like her, she'll be turning 23 on November 7th. Before her birthday is Mizuki's 21st which takes place every year the day before Halloween. Will have a post for her coming up soon and she has a breathtaking new spread for Young Gangan that just came out.

 Don't forget to order your 2018 calendars which will be released on October 10th, there's so many group ones along with some member calendars. MM is now up to fourteen members, that will be cut down by one soon and have a bit of info on that later on in the post. Here's the current lineup for the new single and their names are on the second pic.

 Hello Project is celebrating their 20th anniversary this month and there will be many concerts for the occasion. No doubt MM will be participating in many of them, like most H!P groups they're just so fun in concert. Pics here are from a group interview with BLT Web for the anniversary.

 Another group set which is a small mag spread from the November issue of Non-no.

 Mentioned above that MM will soon be minus one member, that's Haruka Kudo who has been with MM since 2011 but will only be turning eighteen on October 27th. She's been an extremely popular member over the years, would have done some posts for her but didn't because of her age. Haruka does have a new photobook and DVD coming out soon, her graduation date is December 11th.
 That's the date of Morning Musume's final concert on their Autumn tour which starts October7th in Osaka. Checked the concert dates but more than that noticed ticket prices are approaching $100 on some sites, hard to believe how expensive tickets are compared to America. Final things are some screenshots from Sunday's CDTV show where they performed the new single. Following the pics is a recommended video to view which is for the making of the 'Jama' PV.

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