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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lee Yeon-Hee: "Reunited Worlds" drama episodes eleven and twelve recaps

 Air Dates: July 19th to September 21st on SBS. Two episodes air at 10:00 pm 
Wednesdays and Thursdays
Ratings for the two episodes- 6.7% and 7.5%

Main Cast:

Lee Yeon-Hee as Jung Jung-Won.... 30 years old
Jung Chae-Young as Jung Jung-Won.... 18 years old
Yeo Jin-Goo as Sung Hae-Sung(18)
Ahn Jae-Hyeon as Cha Min-Joon(34)
Lee Si-Un as Shin Ho-Bang(30)
Park Jin-Joo as Hong Jin-Joo(30)
Kim Jin-Woo as Cha Tae-Hoon(30)
Yoon Sun Woo as Sung Young-Joon(29)
Kwak Dong Yun as Sung Hae-Chul(23)
Kim Ga-Eun as Sung Young-In(26)
Kim Hye-Jun as Sung Soo-Ji(18)
Ahn Kil-Kang as Ahn Tae-Bok(50)

 If you read the nine previous recap posts for the drama you probably noticed that this post was missing as I screwed up once again. The only way to put this recap in proper order was to delete all of the other posts and start anew which wasn't going to happen so if you're curious on what happened in these two episodes here you go.... 

The pace is still a bit too slow but there's enough moments which is keeping the series interesting. But there is that something about the show which is keeping me tuned in as I'm already up to the 12th episode and it's more than just Yeon-Hee being in it.

 Four episodes air a week, two on Wednesday and Thursday nights. So there's only a cliffhanger on the week's final show which means there wasn't one coming into this one. The tenth show ended off with Jung-Won failing the chef test at her restaurant which means she's still stuck as an assistant and will be that way for a long time. Her manager Cha tried to console her but to no avail as she's naturally down in the dumps though it doesn't last too long.
 Hoping that the murder and accident cases from twelve years ago will become a bigger part of the story, it was a bit in this show but not in the following one. Hae-Sung's best friend Shin has received a promotion to the Violent Crime Unit in Seoul, he had been stationed in their hometown of Chungho. Shin wanted the promotion to work on the murder case, to date it's been unsolved but
Hae-Sung had been the main suspect at the time.
 The case was of an eighteen year old who was killed at the Chungho high school, Hae-Sung was the last person to see the boy alive. On his way to get help he was run over by a car that was owned by one of his friend's father who said he wasn't driving it that night, two unsolved mysteries really.

 The driver who hit Hae-Sung was supposedly the chauffeur of Tae-Hoon's father, Tae-Hoon was one of Hae-Sung's best friends and is now a VP at a department store his father owns. Two episodes ago Hae-Sung had an attack which left him reeling in pain on the ground. It went away quickly but it was explained to him by Tae-Bak, another person who returned from the dead, that Hae-Sung will feel a pain in his heart when someone involved with his death is around.
 Those attacks occurred twice in the twelfth episode, once at the Tae-Hoon's department store and the other was at the hospital his brother works at. Neither time was Hae-Sung able to figure out who the person causing the pain may be but he even though he can't see the person that doesn't mean they're not around. In both cases it happened to be Tae-Hoon's father and it appears as though he's hushed up the accident and had his chauffeur take the rap for it. It'll just be a matter of time until Hae-Sung figures out the truth and hope it doesn't drag on too long.

 Tae-Bok is the other person who has returned from the land of dead. When you come back to life your five senses are so much more stronger, he taught Hae-Sung a few tricks to help him use his powers effectively. Tae-Bok has also revealed to Hae-Sung that those coming back to life will eventually return to the ranks of the dead, he's unsure of how much time it is as everyone he has met is different.
 He's been back for a year and he feels his time on Earth is now limited. Tae-Bok may not care as much as his son has now died. There was an operation to save his life in the tenth episode which was successful but a few days later his son passed away. Tae-Bok had been dead for many decades, he came back as a fifty year old man while his son was seventy upon his return.
 He had also told Hae-Sung briefly about himself, really the only thing he mentioned was that his death was because he drowned in the Han river. His lessons though with Hae-Sung have paid off a bit as Hae-Sung is now able to read a text message from hundreds of yards away, he can also hear conversations from quite a distance and through walls.

 Few other happenings with the other characters, then we'll get back to Jung-Won to end the recap off. After not seeing Hae-Chul for two episodes we did for a few moments here. He's Hae-Sung's youngest brother who was working for a loan shark until Hae-Sung put an end to that, he also has a four year old daughter. The mother is dead and in order to have his daughter live with him Hae-Chul needs to find employment.
 He did get a job at a restaurant which lasted less than a day. The owner's son knew who he was and told him that Hae-Sung was a murderer, this sent Hae-Chul into a rage as he destroyed many things in the restaurant and was promptly fired. But shortly after that incident he was able to get a job at a car wash, for now he's still working there. His firing though caused an unpleasant scene between him and Hae-Sung as he didn't want to tell him he was canned for sticking up for his brother. But with his powerful hearing Hae-Sung overheard a conversation and was able to learn the true reason for the firing, it also made him have to apologize to Hae-Chul.
 We only saw a bit of Young-In who is the oldest sister in the household, she's now working at
Tae-Hoon's department store. Hope I have this right but there's one other sister in the Sung family and that's Soo-Ji. During the flashbacks she would have been only six so there was very little mention of her. We met her briefly a few episodes back but at the time didn't know she was part of the family. She's eighteen and a senior in high school, we saw a bit more of her in the eleventh episode but it wasn't good news. Soo-Ji has some terminal ailment, she needs a organ transplant but hasn't been revealed yet which one. She was supposed to tell Young-In of her condition but hasn't yet as she would be the best candidate for a transplant, sure we'll be hearing more of this new development.

 When Hae-Sung died twelve years ago it was right before he was going to bring Jung-Won to the first Han River Fireworks Festival. Now it's having it's twelfth anniversary but think they got their math wrong as it should be the thirteenth. Hae-Sung has invited her to this year's festival which takes place tomorrow, she's arranged to leave work early.
 It's a busy night at the restaurant as there was a special party but looks like the staff has worked hard and Jung-Won can leave at eight to see the fireworks. Spoke too soon as the head chef has told the staff they all have to work late due to a special catering function they have to do tomorrow. That means even Jung-Won has to stay and needless to say she's devastated.  But with the help of her manager Cha most of the work gets done early, he's talked the head chef into letting Jung-Won leave early if she comes in tomorrow before everyone to finish off the work so now it's off to the fireworks.
 There was one minor scene earlier which involved Cha and Jung-Won. An old chef had entered the SNT restaurant, he had left the establishment with two employees in tow and had stolen some of Cha's recipes. He opened his own place which was doing well, he told Cha to let bygones be bygones and they should form a partnership. Cha refused his offer, shortly after the man and Jung-Won had some words outside and he was quite rude. Back inside a furious Jung-Won dumped a bowl of food over his head, when he threatened to sue the mild mannered Cha came up and gave him a solid blow to the old kisser which served him right.

 We're almost at the end of these two episodes, it's now a little after 8:00 with the fireworks show scheduled to begin in less than an hour. Neither Jung-Won or Hae-Sung are there yet, she because of work and he was at the hospital where he was having one of his attacks though he couldn't find the person responsible for his pain, those attacks were explained a bit earlier. Hae-Sung though has arrived right on time but he couldn't find Jung-Won anywhere and the show had begun.
 This is the cliffhanger which I mentioned happens every fourth episode. Jung-Won had started out from the restaurant to go to the show. Outside there was an old bag lady collecting cardboard and her carriage began to roll down the street. Cha happened to be behind Jung-Won and ran into the street to stop it which he did. However a few seconds after that a car came zooming around the corner and sent Cha flying.
 Cha isn't in good shape but he is alive and lying in a hospital bed. To do an operation a consent form needed to be signed by his guardian or in other words his parents or spouse. Jung-Won said that she could sign the form, she did and now it looks like Cha will be having an operation next episode as the pair of shows comes to an end.

 Jung-Won signing that form got me thinking, will the hospital staff all think she's Cha's wife? If so what's going to happen with the pair once he recovers, another mystery looks like it's going to be added to the storyline and wish a few of them would start to be cleared up.
 Still long stretches where the action is a tad too slow but as I mentioned in the beginning there's something about this drama which I'm really enjoying. There's so much potential for an exciting last 28 episodes.... the high school murder from twelve years ago, Hae-Sung's accidental death, how long he can stay alive, Cha's accident and a few other minor things in the plot.
 There's probably many better recent shows out there but find myself relishing this one quite a bit, like how the shows are only half an hour and wonder if there are more dramas with lengths like this one? Bit early with this pair of recaps, wasn't going to do this until Thursday so perhaps on that day will have the next batch of of them.

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