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Friday, October 27, 2017

Keyakizaka46: The 'Neru Nagahama post' #4

 That top pic has to be in my top five for Keya ones this year but with two photobooks coming out bet that top five pic list will be changing. The bottom one is from the group's fifth single which is "Kaze ni Fukarete mo", bet most fans are wondering how well it's doing so far. It was released on October 25th which means it's been out for three days now.
 Sales stand at an impressive figure of 594,000+ copies sold. Keya's record for first week sales is 632,600 which was for their previous single "Fukyouwaon". I really like that single, the B-sides are especially good, have the new one but need to give it a few more listens before I'll list my faves. It needs to sell about 40,000 more copies for a record and with four days to go should beat it.

 Neru doesn't have a solo song on this single nor is she the center of any of the B-sides, on the second single she did a solo song titled "Mata Aetta Kudasai" which is quite a highlight in concert. As you all may know Neru has her first photobook coming out on December 19th, bit late to catch the Christmas rush. Between Keya and Nogi there are seven books coming out in November and December, Neru's will be the final one and hope that doesn't affect the sales. Here's some promo pics from the book.

 The bottom pic is actually one that will be in the next issue of Friday, if the rest of the PB is along the lines of that pic then, then, then, then, gulp.... don't know what to say, my head is spinning in so many directions....
 Bit over seven weeks until the PB comes out so there's no doubt we'll be seeing her in many upcoming spreads along with Rika whose book is coming out on December 5th. Have a few new mag spreads for today and Neru looks so dynamite in every pic, she's a short gal whose height is 157 cm but always thought she was shorter than that. This first set also features Keya's captain Yuuka, wouldn't mind seeing her have a PB and this A++++ spread is from the November 6th edition of Young Magazine.

 Just an incredible set of pics next, can say that about all of them, as Neru graces the cover of the November issue of EX-Taishu. Actually had already posted the spread before but somehow made a mistake 😢 and only had four of the pics but there was a total of fifteen in the spread.

 Have one other spread and it's one that I thought had been posted but couldn't find it, still think it's in some post. But even if it is discovered guess you can say it deserves an encore view as it's a terrific set of pics from issue #33 of Weekly Shonen.

 The "Cream Quiz Miracle" show airs Wednesday's on TV-Asahi, there's now a 9 added to it's title as now up to season nine. Have viewed it a few times in the past as some Nogi members have made an appearance on it. They're interesting watches but the problem is none are subbed and a lot of the quizzes have to do with words so don't always know what's going on.
 On the October 25th show Neru made an appearance though she wasn't noticeable enough. It's a 42 minute show and there's two teams of nine participants so you can see why some guests may not get too much air time. Neru's team lost badly, wasn't billed that way but seemed to be the youngsters against the old timers and many of those older celebs appear on the show often.

 Neru did get a pair of questions correct but also flubbed on one at the end but so didn't all of teammates. Also on the show was another Idol who was Shizuka Oya from AKB, she's been a member for seven years and still hasn't become too popular. Plenty of screenshots from the show, didn't understand a lot of it but it was entertaining.
 Have a brief video from the last six minutes of the show as the entire episode isn't on YT but appears to be on a few other video sites. As you can see by these screenshots most of the questions were of them writing, Neru was easily the youngest guest on the show and think many of you have seen some of her teammate. They were there to promote their new drama or film but for some strange reason Neru never mentioned Keya's new single.
 Ooops, the uploader disabled the embedding function 😠 so try pasting this into your browser:

 For a bonus though after the pics you can view a new CM for the group's 'Keyaki no Kiseki' app game which was released last week.


  1. The 4th last of the promo shots is real nice, favourite of the bunch. Can't wait til Cap'n gets a PB too, she got great legs(Shiori also has great legs) and I have evidence...somewhere. Other than my obvious choice of who I'd like to have a PB, think it'll be pretty cool if Shiori had one. Ohhhh! I see Mizuho's name(土生瑞穂) on that EX-Taishu cover!(whoa m8 I got hawk eyes)...Were you able to see anything from her? Any gold mine?

  2. My eyes didn't notice anything, perhaps the Kanji was there to let people know who wasn't in the mag to increase sales. Hmmmm, seems MH appeared on last night's 'Showroom', was thinking about posting it but the video was quickly deleted.

  3. Bollocks!! (ノ°Ð”°)ノ︵ ┻━┻
    Was thinking whether to watch the showroom or not, think they showcased some behind-the-scenes footage from the MVs and such. These folks are fast at gettin stuff deleted ay

  4. Makes no sense why a video like that would be deleted, I'm constantly cleaning up older posts because of how many videos are deleted these days and it wasn't like this years ago. Knew Neru was popular but didn't realize how popular though, this post was done only two days ago and it's already in the top ten viewed posts for the last month.

  5. I know right, they're posting a Livestream that'll never be revealed anywhere else and they get deleted like fuar me dead m8. They're making it like "oh you missed the livestream, too bad. You're never gonna know what happened coz we're gonna delete everything about it". Shame you have to go through that cleaning.
    Oh yeah true that. Guess it shows how much Neru has caught the eyes of many with Neru being...well, Neru(??) Just realised, I don't know what to classify her as. Like ya got Mizuho, a 2D lover; Nijika, a dog lover and so on but Neru is...Neru haha.