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Friday, October 20, 2017

Keyakizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #6....

 Doesn't seem like there's been many Keya activities that haven't been covered here but there are quite a few new pics for today and this post really can be considered to be a mish-mash of things. You all know who the two members are above, hope their fingers are forming the OK sign and not giving a rating for their last dates with Nao. 😨
 Rika will be the first Keya member to have a photobook, the untitled PB will be released on December 5th. There's a lot of competition as five Nogi members have books coming out around then too, but have mentioned it before that perhaps the two groups don't have the same fan base. Pics for Rika's book were shot on the Santorini Island off the coast of Grease Greece. Besides being the first book from a Keya member it'll also feature the first pics of a member in a swimsuit, to me she could have the best figure for a swimsuit of all the Keya members and that's saying something.

 Member two from the above pics is of course Neru and she'll be the second member to have her own photobook. That's going to be released on December 19, she didn't go to any exotic place for her photo shoot but instead they were shot near her hometown of Nagasaki. Also heard that there will be a few swimsuit pics in the book, kind of speechless already without seeing them....

 Single #5 "Kaze ni Fukarete mo" is coming out in less than five days, all that really matter is Aozora no MARRY will be having another tune on the single. Key's last single came out in April and was titled "Fukyouwaon", that single really had a monster increase over their first three singles and the total sold isn't that far away from 800,000. That's going to be a tough mark to beat, first week sales for the fourth single were 632,660 copies sold.
 "Soredemo Aruiteru" is a song off the single, it's sung by the Hiragana members and is the theme song for their new "Re:Mind" drama. Will be watching that show and the first episode has been subbed, once a few more shows are done will be doing some recaps for it. Posted many of the promo pics for the new single but hadn't included these eight Senbatsu members.

 Was going to do a recap for episode #100 of their 'Keyakitte' show. It was introducing the new third generation members so stopped viewing it after a few minutes, don't even know the long term Hiragana members well enough yet. Will give episode #101 a chance tomorrow which aired last Sunday, may do a post for it if the show is good.
 Really need to do some posts for the Hiragana members but it's hard as they don't appear in nearly as many mags as the Senbatsu members do nor do they appear at any promo events. Hoping this drama will allow me to get to know some of the members better, season three of 'KeyaBingo!' did help me learn about a few of them. Here's a member who I didn't know too well and actually still don't, that member is Mana Takase who will be turning 19 next month. These pics are from a few months ago, April to be exact, and are from the Hustle Press site.

 Getting close to the eleventh month and for 2017 that month will be November. If you need a calendar to keep track of the days this should look dandy as your desktop background, only Yuuka has anything close to a smile on her face.

 On to the final two things which are both mag spreads. This could be the first solo one for the 156 cm tall Aoi and these pics are from volume 24 of BLT Graph.

 Saved the best for last, if your guess that it features Neru then you're 100% correct. She's really getting us primed up for her PB and these magnetic pics are from the November EX-Taishu.

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  1. With those Rika shots for pb(especially the hat) + Neru being Neru has made it so hot here that not even antarctica can cool me down!