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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Nogizaka46: "Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyou Dekiru" single pics and info....

 The last three years a new Nogi single has been released every four months, big change this time as the gap was just two months. Reason for that is the single "Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyou Dekiru" is the theme song to the group's first movie "Asahinagu" which premiered on September 22nd. So far the film has been successful as it's finished in the second and sixth positions in it's two weeks out.
 This is Nogi's 19th single and it's kind of an improvement over their last few. Not going to lie as even though I'm a huge fan of the group much prefer their first ten singles, since then the songs have been kind of up and down though "Hadashi de Summer" was quite good. There's five versions of the single, the cover above feature's the singles two centers and all should be able to tell who they are. Here are the other four covers for the single.

 It's not just the hit song which makes a single good as to me, it's whether the other tunes are also excellent. If I had to list my top ten fave Nogi tunes bet 6-7 would be a B-side song as they're almost always more fun and most times feature many less members. Need to play the single a few more times before I can give a final grade but as of now my fave tune would be "My Song" which is an Undergirls song and their best one in a while.
 There is a PV for that song and it's a really enjoyable watch. Bet most of you want to know what the first day sales were and it was an impressive number of 682,500 copies sold. That figure is lower than their two previous singles but that doesn't mean the overall sales will be lower, sales could have been affected a bit as it's only been two months since Nogi's last single.
 On to some pics which came with a few versions of the single, the group has never been skimpy about including them. First off are the eighteen Senbatsu members, there needs to be a way to decrease that number but can't think of any at the moment but doubt if their management would listen to any upcoming ideas from me. In the fifteenth pic is Miona who has her first photobook coming out on November 24th, am counting the days. Last in this set is Mai who has her first PB scheduled to be released on November 14th, why hasn't there been any news about the book for #17?

 Number 17 is Hinako, don't need to list their names as they're on the pics. Also got to thinking this could be Marika's final single, she said she was going to graduate by the end of the year but would like to see her once more as a Senbatsu member and perhaps have her own solo song.
 Second set of pics feature the Undergirls and kind of surprised we haven't heard any graduation news about any of them. There was a rumor going around for months that they were supposed to have their own solo album, it was scheduled for September but it was never released. Keya's Undergirls are having their own drama which starts next week, personally think these gals here deserve something like that and bet many fans would agree.

 There's a total of 33 first and second generation members left in the group, soon to be sadly 32. Glad this post was done as I realized Ami's who is right above has her 23rd birthday coming up in exactly one week, will try to do a post for that occasion. Final set are some group pics from the single.


  1. "My Rule" is definitely my fave song on this one. In terms of PV tho, I'd say "Boku No Shoudou" is my fave. Got some news for you about Hinako's PB, not a big one but it kinda(?) tells us what's going on. I thought it was completed but I was wrong as it seems they haven't even started judging from what this man, Tôru Kenjô (見城徹) has stated, who looks like he plays a role in it.
    is what he said on his 755 thingy which basically tells me that they haven't found an adequate time frame to shoot and want to get things rolling. 幻冬舎 (Gentosha) is a name of a publishing company. Sooo what does this mean?...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ beats me, it just raises questions for me. So yeah, that's it. I just wasted 30 seconds of your time, you're welcome. Enjoy your breakfast

  2. If the pics for Hinako's PB haven't been taken yet it's never going to happen especially with her being an Undergirl now.

  3. Isn't she in senbatsu for this one m8?? at the back, coz I saw her in the PV for 'Itsuka Dekiru'