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Saturday, October 7, 2017

"While You Were Sleeping" drama: episodes five and six recap

 Air Dates: September 27th to November 16th on SBS, airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10:00 pm, two episodes per night
 Ratings(Nielsen) for the two episodes- 5.1% and 6.1%

Main Cast:

Bae Suzy as Nam Hong-Joo
Lee Jong-Suk as Jung Jae-Chan
Lee Sang-Yeob as Lee Yoo-Bum
Ko Sung-Hee as Shin Hee-Min
Jung Hae-In as Han Woo-Tak
Shin Jae-Ha as Jung Seung-Won
Hwang Young-Hee as Yoon Moon-Sun
Park Jin-Joo as Moon Hyang-Mi
Yoon Kyun-Sang as Han Woo-Tak
Kim So-Hyun as Park So-Yoon

 Another pair of fine episodes, my only complaint would be the flashback scenes of when Jae-Chan was about fifteen years old. Does help learning about his past but they are a bit too long and drag on. We did discover that Jae-Chan's father who was a police officer died after getting shot in a convenience store. He was in there with his son when the father noticed a soldier walk in who looked suspicious and sent his son on his way home. Less than a minute later there was a blast as the soldier shot Jae-Chan's father and fled, no clue yet if he was ever caught.

 Kim So-Hyun was just supposed to have a cameo in the series but she'll be in it until the eighth episode, that's a good thing as I like her and think she's going to become even more popular over the years. She plays eighteen year old So-Yoon who is a talented pianist but there's a dirty family secret as her father has been physically abusing her mother for years. The court system to her is a joke as her father Park has the lawyer Yoo-Bum under his wing and always gets the charges dismissed.
 So-Yoon has had enough of his abuse and plans on killing him, she's not sure what to do but she was about to buy a container of antifreeze at a store. She was stopped by Seung-Won who is the younger brother of prosecutor Jae-Chan. Until So-Yoon had told him he didn't realize that his brother hadn't pursued the case and is so ashamed to actually call him a brother. Seung-Won escorts her back to her ritzy apartment, don't know what her father does for a living but the family is quite wealthy.
 As they were heading back So-Yoon's mother had tried to get her husband who is Jun-Mo to sign divorce papers, he laughed in her face and tore them up. He then proceeded to trash their apartment, that's when the pair arrived at So-Yoon's residence. Seung-Won attempted to subdue Jun-Mo and was successful but the madman then picked up a golf club to hit Seung-Won with. He charged at him but Seung-Won eluded him, the husband then went through a window and over a ledge to his death!

 What can be confusing in this drama is what's real and what isn't, the above scene never happened in real life. It was the combination of the dreams that Jae-Chan and Hong-Joo had. If it played out Seung-Won would have been arrested for murder but the dreams luckily never happened in real life. So-Yoon and Seung-Won had make it to the apartment as Jun-Mo was trashing it but thanks to
Hong-Joo the altercation ended there.
 She pulled a fire alarm and the whole building had to be evacuated which prevented the accidental death of Jun-Mo, he's such a hideous person kind of wish he did fall from ten stories. Many of the residents were blaming Hong-Joo for causing a false alarm but there was an officer who stuck up for her. Hong-Joo had no clue who the officer was but later he re-introduced himself, he was the man in the first two episodes that had almost got run over and felt he owed her a favor.
 But it's more than that as there's now a fourth person in this drama who has dreams of the future. The officer's name is Woo-Tak and he also had a dream of the death at the apartment building and had been rushing there to prevent it. Woo-Tak seems like an trustworthy guy, think we'll be seeing him much more in this series and he makes an important appearance later on in this recap.

 There was no way Hong-Joo was going to let So-Yoon and her mother return to the abusive household so she invites the pair to spend the night with her. The trio had no ride but was picked up by Woo-Tak and as you can see by the above screenshot he's re-introducing himself to Hong-Joo. It's more than one night for So-Yoon and her mother staying at Hong-Joo's place where she lives with her mother, they're going to stay until Jae-Chan can reprocess the case.
 Jae-Chan and his younger brother Seung-Won have a heated argument after the dust settled, as mentioned above Seung-Won is so ashamed of his brother for dropping the DV case. There's now a lot of pressure for Jae-Chan to pick the case back up as Hong-Joo also feels he shouldn't drop it as she wants justice for the two females.
 Nice humorous twist to the story as Hong-Joo one morning had met Jae-Chan at their bus stop, it's probably early March 2016 by now. She tells him that in her dreams she often sees what the winning lottery numbers will be and she has those for the next drawing which is worth $2.8 million. She never plays it though but it appears knowing the numbers has given Jae-Chan some confidence to re-open the DV case as he thinks even if he gets fired he'll have $2.8 million to fall back on.

 Not everyone wants to see Jae-Chan re-open the case as Yoo-Bum is furious when he hears that may happen, he's been covering up for his client Park for many years now. Yoo-Bum has a mole in
Jae-Chan's office and knows almost everything that is going on. He can't find the wife or daughter of his client Park as they're staying with Hong-Joo, he wants to find them quickly to force them to persuade Jae-Chan not to go digging into Park's sordid past.
 Jae-Chan has been all gung-ho since re-opening the case, so many in the office wonder if he has a death wish as his actions may cause his dismissal. But he's willing to take the gamble as he thinks he'll soon be the winner of the next mega lottery. Unfortunately for him that's not going to happen as Hong-Joo reveals her prank to him. She was just joking when she said she could see the winning lottery numbers, didn't he know she was just playing around?
 The answer is no as Jae-Chan didn't realize that Hong-Joo had been joking, now he's worried about his job if he continues on the Park Jun-Mo case. Even his immediate supervisor tells him to drop it, looks like he's also another one that's been bought off by Park. Jae-Chan refuses to end his quest for justice, his boss has many unkind words for him but for now there's no reason he can legally fire him.

 Above is the prosecutor Hee-Min who we haven't seen too much of yet in the first six episodes but there are still 26 to go and that part is supposed to be a biggish one. She had gone to college with
Jae-Chan though the two aren't that close these days. The prior year she had also been assigned a DV case involving Park but had been told to drop it, think this detestable guy will soon be getting his just due but not until the next recap.
 Hee-Min tries to persuade Jae-Chan to drop the case, she knows what could happen to his career if he doesn't. She gives him a long spiel on justice and what a prosecutor's main purpose is, while it made sense she didn't quite convince Jae-Chan to drop the case. Getting somewhat close to the end of this recap, there will never be a short one as so much happens in this show even though the episodes are only around thirty minutes long.
 The officer Woo-Tak makes a reappearance for the final scene which is quite a long one. He meets up with Jae-Chan as he's leaving his office who had no clue who Woo-Tak was. That is until
Woo-Tak explained about that almost fatal night when Jae-Chan had prevented him from getting run over by a car. He felt as he owed him at least a dinner so the pair headed out for the evening, the characters of Hong-Joo, Jae-Chan and Woo-Tak were all born in the year 1988 in this show.

 In real life Suzy is just 22, she will be turning a year older on October 10th. She plays Hong-Joo and the pair of men head to the restaurant her mother owns where Hong-Joo also works. At the establishment were So-Yoon and her mother who are still staying at their apartment and are helping out at the restaurant. Tensions are a bit high between the four of them as So-Yoon and her mother are used to such living so high class which is the complete opposite of how Hong-Joo lives.
 Woo-Tak also has dreams where he can see the future, he had dreamt about visiting the restaurant but with his partner on the police force. He knew what was going to happen though we don't yet, he had asked Jae-Chan to accompany him and was hoping by doing that the events would change. Meanwhile speeding to the restaurant was the heinous Yoo-Bum, he had discovered where So-Yoon and her mother were and was prepared to do whatever to them to force the pair to drop the charges against Jun-Mo.
 Woo-Tak knew exactly when he would enter, he gave a countdown from five and as he hit one the door opened with Yoo-Bum entering. He's prepared to whisk the two females away but it looks like Hong-Joo won't let that happen. As this was going on Jae-Chan was sitting at his table eating, he's unsure of what to do but he had better get into action quickly before the whole case explodes in his face. With the whole restaurant a place of impending chaos the sixth episode comes to it's finale.

 That was quite an intense ending and hope it finishes that way which will take place in the next two episodes. Bit early in the series but really hoping that Yoo-Bum starts to feel the consequences of his despicable actions, who better to put him in his place than Jae-Chan.
 Beginning to enjoy this drama more than the "Reunited Worlds" series which has been a very solid watch but is so slow compared to this show. So far would give this drama a huge positive recommendation, this current case should be settled in episodes seven and eight. That recap is the next post and as I'm finishing this recap haven't begun watching either of those two shows.


  1. Hee-min m8, speech 0. I've just been reading your recaps instead of watching it(can't be bothered to watch it tbh) and got the jist of everything so far. It makes me wonder if they can see the future and decide to change it, then would they know what will happen when they do change it? Like take Jun-mo getting thrown out the window for example, his fate was changed but as a result of that, would someone else die in his place at that moment? Something like that. I'm intrigued(but still not gonna watch it haha)

  2. Have mentioned those dreams seeing the future can be a bit confusing and even more so now that three have the ability. Think when they see the future in their dreams it's what'll happen if they don't change anything. Hong-Joo had never been successful at changing the events and all of her dreams had come true up until episode eight.
    There's still 24 shows to go so sure we'll learn a bit more of what they can or can't do with what they see in their dreams. Did a few recaps for the "Bring it on, Ghost" drama that Kim So-Hyun starred in and thought it was a fun watch though it was more of a teen show.

  3. My dreams never come truhuhu TT. Saw you mention bout 26 ep left but ohhh boy 24 left, quite long ay. I have a little check at the 'Bring it' drama. There was some suspicious comment btw with links on your latest Keya post but it's gone now...looks like i scared 'em off ay ahaha